Security Camera CZ

Remote turn on

There are several ways how to turn on the camera remotely. You can click on the power icon, swipe over the camera preview image or simply tap on the box announcing that the camera is turned off or offline. All these gestures result in an attempt to turn on the camera remotely by a special command that is send to the camera device. If the camera device is reachable over internet and the application is running on the camera phone, the command wakes up and turn on the camera.

When camera does not turn on

When an attempt is made to turn on the camera, but the camera doesn't wake up and turn on within about half minute, a message is shown. This means one of the following:

  • The "wake up" command didn't reach the camera, because the camera lost internet connection.
  • The application on the camera device is down.
  • The whole camera device is down (for instance because it had exhausted the battery).

Before making any other attempts on the camera side, first try to restart the application on your "monitor" phone. To do that, close the app on your monitor phone, remove the app from the list of apps running on background and then start the app. This step helps in situations when there is something wrong on the "monitor" side.

If you think that there is a problem with internet connection on the camera side, you can just wait until the internet connection is back again. The camera reconnects and starts to be online as soon as the internet connection is working again.

If the steps above didn't help, then there is some problem with the camera device. Go to the camera device and check if the device (phone) is turned on, it is not frozen and if the application is running. In each case it is recommended to restart the whole device (phone). Also if possible, restart the WiFi router.


To prevent situation when the camera cannot be turned on, check the following:

  • The camera device is plugged into a charger and both the charger and the charging cable are in good condition.
  • The internet connection on the camera side is working, stable and the camera phone has sufficient signal strength (at least two "dashes").
  • There aren't tons of old applications installed on the camera device. These applications can consume the phone's resources (memory, processor) which can cause the phone will have not enough resources for the Security Camera CZ application.
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