Security Camera CZ

28.11.2019 19:29

The program is just fine, but if you make this application in the form of stealth in the sense that you can install the program and set the settings and remove the program from the phone of the monitored object it would be great.

I understand your request, but the invisible mode is against rules of Google Play store. The stealth mode is simply forbidden and this app could not be presented on the Play store.

27.11.2019 3:47

I am not getting any pictures and I have the detection turned on.

When on the main screen - do you see a yellow "detection" icon in the top left corner of the camera's preview image. If there isn't this icon, it means that motion detection is turned off for one of these reasons:
- motion detection is turned off
- a scheduler is on and active
- a nearby function (i.e. turn motion detection off when I am nearby) is on and active.
If you see a yellow motion detection icon in the top left corner and you do not get any pictures of movements, please let me know.

26.11.2019 17:14

How can I delete all captures at one time instead of one picture at a time?

It is very easy. On the "Motions" screen, long press on a day title and all images of that day will be marked. You can then delete them at once using the trash button (icon).
When you long press an image, it will be marked (you can mark as many images you want).
When you DOUBLE long press an image, then all images of that bundle will be marked.
You can delete all marked images at once using the trash button.

26.11.2019 17:08

On many occasions the application is turned off or disconnected for whatever reason. Would there be any way for the application to warn me that it has run out of signal or the connection has been lost?

This is very important and good idea. Unfortunately, when the camera turns off or lost connection, there is not any way how to signal that it is off. When it turns off, it stops working and cannot send any signal. I would also like to have such a functionality, but until now I haven't figured any way how to manage it.

26.11.2019 16:28

Hi, one of my devices has been automatically deleting pictures! They'll be there one minute and the next mysteriously gone! Some are highly important, please help!

This happens when there is no remaining space in the camera (where pictures are primary stored). When there is no free space in the camera, it deletes the oldest images to make a space for new images. Consider cleaning up the camera memory or adding a SD card.

24.11.2019 19:20

Are there any plans to make your app available for PC? Would be nice!

Yes, there is a beta version of this app on PC. You can try it at When there, click "Web monitor (Beta)" tab, log in using the same credentials that you have used on your devices. Only several functionalities are available at this moment, other will be added soon.

23.11.2019 16:54

Do the information below camera name is to be considered correct and real? I've shared a camera with my wife but even without checking it in real time (just opening the app) the last access information sometimes looks unfeasible as our mobile phones were in the same place and untouched.. how is it possible?

Yes, the info below camera name (how old is the current picture) should be correct and real. Please only note, that it can take couple of seconds after opening the app until the text refreshes. Also please check if time and time zone is well setup on your and your wife's phones. With incorrect time zone, for instance, the info can be wrong.

23.11.2019 16:36

At the beginning of installing your app on both phones, the screen could be seen vertically. But for the past two to three weeks everything is seen horizontally and the scene cannot be detected well on the camera.

The application is intended as "horizontal only" from its beginning. This is because I didn't discover any nice way how to display vertical images - they would take the whole screen on the monitor device or they would have black strips on sides. So this app supports only horizontal images at this moment. But because I receive requests for vertical images as well, I will add this option in some future release.

23.11.2019 16:22

Where do I find my recorded videos? I've looked everywhere.

At first please note that this app records detected motions as series of still images, not videos. This is an intention - because all other apps on the market records videos I wanted to have something a little bit different.
You can of course record video manually: when you watch a live stream and when you press the red "record" button. You can then find this recording in your standard Video folder in your monitor phone from which you started the recording.

23.11.2019 16:14

How to bring back yesterday's footage?

Unfortunately once some images were deleted, they cannot be brought back. If some old footage has disappeared (and you know that you didn't delete them), you probably run your camera on low disc space. When there is no free room (disc space) in the camera for new images, the camera automatically deletes oldest images to make some space. Please check free space in the camera - you can do this remotely when you go to camera settings - About camera and look for lines Free disc space. You can for instance add an SD card to expand memory.

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