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02.05.2019 20:29

How to change between camera and monitor (viewer) modes?

To change the mode, simply log out from the main menu. You will be taken to the startup screen, where you can log in again and select another mode.

02.05.2019 10:47

Please give me the procedure for installing the application on Android device.

The procedure is very easy: Install the app on two android devices. Run the app on both devices, log in with the same account on both devices. Then set up one device as a CAMERA and the second one as a MONITOR. That is all. The app will run out of the box, no other setting is needed.


I have paid for the extra days, but I seem to be losing my moments after 2 days.

Please would you check if your camera isn't out of memory? Because if there isn't any more free space in the camera, the camera deletes the oldest moments (to create some space).
How to check this: go to camera settings - About this camera - Free capacity on storage drive. You can add an SD card to the camera to have more space.
Please let me know if this didn't solve the problem.

I have plenty of space on an SD card and over 20GB on phone.

I finally figured it out. Your camera is set to the highest sensitivity, so it fires about 2.000 images per day. It is also set to take pictures in pretty high resolution 12Mpix, when each picture takes about 5MB of data. So, the camera generates and stores EVERY DAY about 10GB (gigabytes) of data. With this traffic, it goes out of memory very shortly (in two or three days in your case). When this happens, the camera deletes the oldest day to be able to continue with saving new images. This is the reason you lose your moments.
To fix it, set lower sensitivity to generate less images. Or set a lower resolution (let's say 2-3MPix) to generate less memory consuming images.

27.04.2019 19:00

I'm unable to connect because it can't access the image sensor, please help.

When you see the message "can't access image sensor" it means that hardware on the camera has frozen for some reason and the app cannot work (take pictures or record video) anymore. This happens especially on older devices, where the camera's hardware is already "tired" or wasn't well designed. Unfortunately, the only help is a physical restart of the camera.

27.04.2019 11:16

How can I turn off the sound completely in the security camera application?

You can turn off sound from application settings (click on three dashes in the top left corner on the main screen), choose Notifications and from here you can turn off sound of whatever you want or turn off sound completely.

23.04.2019 13:49

The motion detection on my camera has stopped working reliably since the last update. Any suggestions?

I see that you have most of the view masked on your camera, i.e. the motion detection works only for a small portion of the view. Couldn't this be the problem? Try to check the mask in camera settings - Detection area. Otherwise please let me know.

It has been working very well on only the center bottom two detection blocks. When it stopped working reliably, I increased the area to four blocks. I have not updated the software on camera. Is it possible that there is now a conflict between the camera and the monitor?

It is not necessary to update the camera to the latest version, there hasn't been any significant change. Also, among all users who updated to new version, no one reported any problem. And if you updated just your monitor/viewer, it is not possible that detecting motion somehow changed, because motion detection depends only on the camera. There must be something else. Sensitivity?

The detector was working perfectly until the approximate time of upgrade. I did not change any of the parameters until recently (after it stopped working reliably) when I tried changing the active detection area. This did not seem to make much difference. Today I upgraded the camera app and it is now working as well as before.

20.04.2019 15:50

I wish to monitor my camp and rely on mobile data. Can this app use very little data per month?

The app really uses very little data, because originally it was designed for a very similar purpose - monitoring in outdoors using mobile data. In fact, the app uses data only when it detects a movement and then it sends only a low resolution image having about 15 kilobytes of data. So if you detect 100 movements in your camp per day, i.e. 3000 per month, the app consumes about 45MB per month.
Be only careful if you decide to watch live video, because video streaming uses data a lot.

17.04.2019 14:35

I have a Motorola Droid Turbo with Android 7.0 with your app set to camera and it constantly sends battery information notifications to the monitor/viewer device. Is there any way to turn off these notifications?

Yes of course, you can turn off battery notifications:
If your monitor device is on Android 8 or above: From the main screen go to main menu (top left), select Notifications - Setup notifications, and turn off "Camera status changes".
If your monitor device is on Android 7 or lower: From the main screen go to main menu (top left), select Notifications and turn off "Status changes".

13.04.2019 14:02

I am not too happy about the 10 minutes watch time, I wish I could watch longer, until I decide to end it.

I am sorry about your negative experience. This limit is set just to save on bandwidth and sources and also for security reasons (when a monitor device is left unattended, the video will shut down automatically). After this limit expires, you can immediately turn on live video again as many times per day as you want.

I would like to be able to control the time limit myself. For example, if I'm watching the kids play in the next room while I'm doing the dishes, I don't want to have to use my device with wet hands. The device shuts down even if I'm not recording... I think it would be better to watch live without the 10 min time limit.

I understand you. To be honest, the time limit is mainly because of the price of live video, or more precisely, because of the price I pay for live video bandwidth. If live video can run ad infinitum, I am afraid that costs of the app (I pay) could increase rapidly. Anyway - I will probably prolong the time limit in the "no ads" version. Is there any reasonable time that would be enough for you? Thank you for your opinion.

After considering the information you gave me, I do see your point of view. What if you increased the live view to 15 minutes? And you could do a separate record time of 20 min that went to email to be watched. Would that save on bandwidth if the 20 min record time was not live?

Just to let you know that based on our previous conversation I have increased the time limit for live video to 30 minutes, at least in the paid version.

Thank you very much for taking the time to send me a message. It's nice to see developers taking opinions and suggestions from their customers.

I am glad to have inspiring conversations with customers.

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