Security Camera CZ

31.05.2020 20:59

The app is now unable to keep a connection to the camera every day. It's a serious issue. I have to manually activate it at the camera.

If the camera falls offline often, there is some serious connectivity issue. If possible, please restart your WiFi router - it often helps, especially when it wasn't restarted for a long time. I would also restart the camera device in this case. I believe it will solve the connectivity issues.
I have already fixed the bug in detection areas when they were shown incorrectly on the monitor. It will be released in the very next update.

31.05.2020 7:46

I was going to purchase this application, but after two hours it wasn't able to connect with the life camera.

You can only connect to a camera that is online. If your camera falls often offline, there is most probably some network connectivity issue - I would try to simply restart the camera device.
Also, in some rare cases, the Android system can kill the application when the phone is full of other stuff that takes memory, processor etc. In this case the factory reset of the devices helps.

30.05.2020 22:42

Lately/today the Security Camera CZ application has been sending out motion detection alerts only to provided old footage and not the actual footage that trigger the alarm. This is not the first time that this has happen is almost as if the actual footage is being erased and or not produced?

Late reactions are most usually caused by network (most often WiFi) connection problems.

29.05.2020 8:38

Hello, I use an Alcatel cell phone as a camera, it works for a while but it disconnects, some function continues to work but it does not let me access it from another cell phone, why is that?

If the camera often disconnects, it is most probably caused by weak or unstable internet connection. It could be also caused by the phone doing too many things, in this case it helps a factory reset of the phone.

28.05.2020 7:53

I try to update the app. It says “waiting to download” and does not go further.

It is probably because your phone is currently updating something else, you will have to wait a little. But I hope that at the time I write this answer everything is ok.

27.05.2020 8:38

I would like to ask why it is not possible to move screen after zoom during live view. It is possible only to zoom central part of screen. I am using Samsung S8.

Actually off-center zoom is supported on all phones which hardware natively support off-center zooming. Technically speaking, the device's camera hardware must support HARDWARE_LEVEL_3 and FREEFORM CROPPING_TYPE. On such devices the zoom can be shifted in any direction in video and even in motion detection.

27.05.2020 7:52

Can you please send me all the footage that's been DELETED from my account? Someone got into my room and I need to proof it.

I am very sorry, but I cannot access your footage. If there is a risk that your camera can be stolen, please follow these steps:
1/ Lock your camera's screen, so no one can operate the device.
2/ To be double sure, setup your camera to store images to the Google Drive, so you can access them even without a monitor device.

26.05.2020 23:26

It is not possible to make a surveillance circuit with this app because it asks for many permissions and those are not fair.

you are right that many permissions are required. On camera side, when you decline some permission, you will obtain information which permission is for what.
On monitor side, you are only requested permission at the moment when it is needed. For instance, you are requested for the permissions to "store video" and "use microphone" only when you start the video call.
I think this is the fairest way how to ask for necessary permissions.

26.05.2020 17:18

The camera itself turned off after a couple of hours of operation. And it won't turn on remotely.

When the camera is off again, please check, if the application on the camera is running or not.
If the application isn't running, then it was killed by the Android system. In this case, the phone is probably overloaded by some other (old?) stuff. Please clean it, of make a factory reset.
If the application is running, the phone is just out of internet. And for this reason the application shows the camera as offline.

26.05.2020 12:40

Often I have an error that says that the image sensor is not accessible. It’s not one smartphone but at this moment I have the same problem with 5 different smartphones.
I found the app worth mentioning the problem I occur. Hopefully there will be a solution for this. Maybe it is also a problem that I can fix myself?

Sincerely, this is the weakest point of the app that rarely (but really rarely), some old used cameras refuse to take a picture after some period of time and the camera chip freezes. It happens only rarely on old models, but it cannot be completely avoided. It is simply a hardware problem of the device. So I am very surprised that you face this issue on 5 (!) different cell phones... I am very sorry for that.
What can help is a factory reset of the phone - old phones can sometimes be full of old stuff and factory reset cleans it all (but also your personal data, so be careful before cleaning the device).

26.05.2020 1:41

Can there be two monitors on one camera? Both me and my husband want to be able to check the cameras, and we are not always together.

The easiest way is to share your camera with your husband: go to the camera settings, choose Sharing overview (almost at the bottom) and click the "+" icon. An invitation to your camera will be created, which you can send to your husband via email, WhatsApp or any way you want.
This way your husband will see all photos and will be able to connect to your camera. He will be not able to change settings.

24.05.2020 20:36

When I leave a cell phone as a surveillance camera, about 30 min. that I want to link to see the live camera, it doesn't leave me as if it is disconnected, and when I check the cell phone that I use as a camera, the app is as if it had closed, I hope you can help me since I am interested in buying the app.
And in the paid app you can record movements on video or only on photos like the free version.

From what you wrote it seems to me, that the device you are using as a camera isn't in a good condition. I would recommend to restart the whole device.
If it doesn't help (and the application is still turning off), please try to make a factory reset of the device. Attention - this will erase everything from the device. But after the reset, the phone will be like a new and the security camera should run smoothly.

24.05.2020 13:32

The intervals for taking pictures varies a lot in the same situations. Next to the battery, I have a big red circle with an exclamation mark (O!), What is it? Thank you.

The red circle icon means that the camera is running on low disc space. In this case, the camera deletes old images in order to have space for new images, so you are losing history. I would recommend to add an SD card to your camera.
The interval of pictures taken should be 2 seconds. So in case of some continuous action in front of your camera, you should receive a new picture each 2 seconds.

23.05.2020 20:19

I use your app to monitor my elderly mothers front door. Most of the detections are from a moth because the outside light is on. An improvement could be that detection is required in more than one square, I.e. something bigger than a moth.

Did you try to lower the sensitivity? You can find it in camera settings. Try to set the sensitivity down step by step until you stop receiving false alarms.

21.05.2020 21:21

The received images from the camera have random color issues shown in the screen captures and recordings below. It shows up for a few images every motion. Both cameras and control phone use 2.1.1 This doesn't occur on the live view.

I didn't get any feedback like this one, so I hope this is some device specific problem. I have to investigate the cause of this, hopefully I'll figure it out soon.

21.05.2020 14:10

Connecting to my camera is not stable.

Unstable connection is mostly caused by some network connectivity issues on the camera or monitor devices. Please would you try to check if your network equipment (probably WiFi) which you use to connect your camera to internet is OK?

20.05.2020 3:29

It is not working properly. I want to restart it without signing out.

You can safely sign out, all your images and settings will stay untouched (if you don't delete your account).

20.05.2020 3:07

How does this application work?

This app works on TWO mobile phones (or tablets). You can use some old mobile phone which works as your remote CAMERA. You can then watch and control this camera using your own mobile phone.
When someone enters the area in front of your camera, camera records this as a series of pictures and sends you a notification about this. You can also connect directly to the camera to watch live. It has a much more features, but this is the basic.

19.05.2020 7:25

I want to know where I can find all the pictures the camera take.

There are several locations:
1/ Pictures in low resolution are stored to a private cloud at Google servers to be available on your monitor at anytime from anywhere.
2/ Pictures in high resolution are by default stored in the camera device to be available upon your request. They are stored at location
3/ You can configure your camera to store high resolution image to Google Drive, instead of the internal memory

18.05.2020 4:24

First is that I am getting a few, about every 3rd or 4th that are colored wrong. Like badly developed film, greens yellows and just wrong. Wonder if maybe I am doing something wrong? May to low a resolution?
The other thing is more a suggestion or possible option. The flash function you warn of the blinking issue and I do get that with my Samsung S7 that I use as the camera. Would it be possible that instead of always on, maybe a thought can we just get an option to use standard camera flash function? The night vision just to grainy for me. I am used to old game cams that did just that and would be a great option.

Concerning wrong colored pictures - the camera uses auto exposure and all other settings is also set to phone's default (white balance, for instance). So I don't guess why the colored pictures. You can try to play with the camera a little bit - for instance change front - back cameras, set zoom a little bit, to see if some of these settings help.
Thank you for the feedback regarding the flash. I have to focus on the flash function, which really doesn't work well. Thank you for your suggestion!

17.05.2020 22:09

Why does this take so long to go to live feed if it even gets there. A lot of times I have to restart my phone to see the camera.

If the connection phase is long, it is most probably due to a slow response from the camera devices. Please would you check if the camera is plugged in the charger and that it has a stable internet connection?

15.05.2020 19:34

After trying to connect the monitor with the same email in the camera phone it says that the email has already been used in another device.

This is because the email you are trying to use is linked to your Google account and the phone wants you to use your Google account instead of email/password combination. I know about this issue, unfortunately this is a rule of Google, not mine, so I cannot do anything. If you don't want to put you Google account to both phones, I would recommend start using some unique email/password combination on both phones.

15.05.2020 14:58

I need to see the faces clearly, especially in night vision mode.

I am afraid that there isn't much that can be done with this common issue. Because this is a common problem of night pictures - when there isn't enough light, fast movements are blurry.

14.05.2020 16:41

I’ve been testing the app, and so far it really seems great. I am searching for a solution for security/monitoring using old phones as cameras.
I’ve been having some difficulty with motion detection when I am near. From what I can tell, your app uses the devices location service to determine where it is in association with the viewing device.
I’m not certain that one of the devices I am using has location services (Grandstream GXV3370) as it is an IP Phone. In this case, it would be great if Bluetooth proximity could be used to enable/disable motion detection.
If this wasn’t something you wanted to code, it would be nice if the motion detection could be controlled by tasker integration. That would open a whole new level of customization for users.

You are right, the app works exactly as you write. A Bluetooth proximity - it is an interesting idea. Sincerely, originally I built the proximity using a WiFi detection - if both devices were on the same WiFi, the motion detection was suspended. But this didn't work, because Android devices use strong battery saving politics, and sometimes it took 5-10 minutes until the device woke up and detected that there is a WiFi signal. For this reason, I switched to the standard Android system called Geofences, which is built in all Android devices.

14.05.2020 0:19

Every time I try to connect to one of the cameras so I can hear the audio live. It will go right back to the main menu or just show a black screen.

If the video cannot be started only on one of your cameras, then there will be some issue on this (camera) phone. Is it possible to restart the phone? If it doesn't help, I would recommend to make a factory reset on that phone. Old phones are sometimes full of old stuff that breaks it functionality.

13.05.2020 23:17

The camera disconnects continuously, I would like to know the reason.

If the camera often disconnects, then there is some network connectivity problem. You can try to connect to your camera from PC (open, if it disconnects also when watching from PC, then the network connectivity issue is on the camera side. The internet connection doesn't have to be super-fast, but must be stable.

13.05.2020 21:58

There are photos that are like in the middle of the recorded time and they cannot be seen or they do not load, another little thing is if you can connect the photo pass to the camera to the phone monitor through Bluetooth since the Internet is not good in this country?

When images are not loaded, then there is most probably some network (internet connectivity) issue. Or if the connection is weak, you have to wait a little bit longer.
I have to disappoint you, but transferring images directly between devices (camera - monitor) isn't possible for many reasons. It would be too much complicated.

13.05.2020 19:04

How to hide this program from the menu?

Unfortunately, it is not possible, because the icon in notification bar is required by Google Play store policy. Applications that run silently on the background without notifying user are prohibited from the Play store.

13.05.2020 18:32

What does a red circle and explanation mark in the upper right corner mean?

This icon means that the disc (memory, SD card) of the camera device is full - there isn't enough space to store images. When the disc is full, the camera automatically deletes old images to make room for new images. So this icon is just a warning that camera disc is full and you are losing old images. New images are always stored.
You can avoid it by inserting an SD card or by switching storing high resolution images on Google Drive.

12.05.2020 19:02

Is it possible to try if the older version of the app fixes my problem?

I am sorry, but I am not able to distribute older versions of the app, that would be very complicated. Instead I aim ahead to make all the brands and models working on the current version. Of course, there are many internet sites where old versions of apps can be downloaded.

12.05.2020 17:55

How do I set up the monitor?

To set up a monitor, just install the application on your phone (or any phone or tablet you want), login with the same account which you've used on your camera and choose Monitor mode.
Alternatively, you can watch your camera on

11.05.2020 22:52

And I would like to know which of the phones are uploading to google drive (if selected) and if it is supposed to immediately send to google drive or if it syncs from time to time.
Just because I deleted de folder where it records the pictures and it looked like it stops uploading so I creates an empty folder with the same name and only about 2 or 3 hours later it started uploading again.
Also I think your app could be able to rotate the pictures manually on the settings of the camera or auto just because I putted an "camera" on the vertical and all the pictures are 90 degrees rotated left (not a big problem at all but if you're trying to improve de app it would be a good update).

If you setup storing images to Google Drive, the camera, where you made the selection, stores images to Google Drive. If you have more cameras, then each camera can be setup individually.
Images are sent to Google Drive immediately. Only if the camera lacks internet connection at the moment, the camera remembers all pictures and send them as a batch as soon as it becomes online again.
Concerning the rotation - I've just finished a huge update to the app which support vertical images, so please stay with the app, as soon as I release the update (I hope very soon), vertical images will be shown correctly.

11.05.2020 15:41

I tried to adjust the settings and it keeps the adjusted settings (battery overheat detection) like:
Show current battery temp and use device's default overheat temp threshold.
But whatever I select and save...I keep getting notifications on my private phone all the time.
This is as you can image very annoying. Overall good app except the temp messages.

For security reason this notification cannot be "skipped". You have three options:
1/ setup a higher temperature threshold - just unmark "Use devices default…" and set up higher temperature manually
2/ go to the notification settings of your phone and turn off all notification for this app
3/ turn off the camera at all
Please note that high temperature of the phone can be dangerous.

11.05.2020 13:49

I purchased the full version a few days ago, and initially I was impressed with the camera, as it functioned as described. However, over the next few days, I've noticed the app does not alert when you are in recording mode. Also, the detection events that are captured, they are not "videos'" but rather single pictures compiled. Also the camera will turn off on its own without any physical interaction

Yes, as I notice on Google Play, this app, contrary to all other similar apps on the market, records motion as still images, not as video. This is by my opinion more suitable for long running disruptions. But at least, now can everybody choose between the two approaches - "stills" or "videos" and choose an app that satisfies his needs.
When the camera turns off on its own, it is most probably because some communication problem between your monitor and camera devices. If the monitor doesn't get response from the camera in a period of time, it declares the camera as "offline". Of course, if the camera is just unreachable at this moment, it will appear as "online" as soon as it is reachable again. I would recommend to check internet connection of both phones, alternatively restart the phones to see if it helps.

10.05.2020 23:15

I would like to ask why I can’t sign in anymore to any phone?

Please try to restart the devices. It sometimes happens that after update of Google Play services the login doesn't work until a restart of the device.

10.05.2020 15:25

Hi I wonder if someone can help with this problem I've been having. Every time I log on to one of the cams I'm for viewing, it logs on but I can only surveil that cam for about 10-15 seconds before it turns itself off, would this issue still arise if I was to purchase the premium version for L4.99 as I was planning to but only if this issue does not persist if I do so.

First of all - you don't need to buy the application, all functions and features are free and by buying it, you will not solve the issue.
Concerning the problem - it seems to me that there is some communication problem between your monitor device and your camera device. It is important that both devices have internet connection. If they do, I would recommend to restart both phones, sometimes the internet connection is just a little bit "frozen" - in that case the restart usually helps. If not, please let me know.

10.05.2020 13:55

Can't I find the setting or is there really no way to rotate the camera? The picture is always upside down.

The app was originally intended only for "landscape" images, so there is currently no rotation button. But because of many requests from users, currently I prepare an update that will support also "portrait" images. So is you stay with the app, your pictures will be in right position soon.

09.05.2020 8:16

The audio goes in and out literally every other second and you cannot make sense of what anyone is talking about.

In fact, I haven't yet received any complaints like this... Aren’t the microphones of your camera covered by something? May be it is some device specific issue... Some phones have worse audio quality than others. Please would you try to use a front camera, which is on the same side like the microphone to see if the audio quality will be better?

09.05.2020 8:06

In one device I can login but with same account I can't login. When prompted it says that you already used this account use another account for login. Here I have logged in using one account and set as the camera. In another device I tried to log in via using login with email.
Even I tried to login with another account and search for giving primary account details but it is not available.

I know about this issue, but this is part of the Google library and I cannot do much with it. For security reason, the app does not maintain users’ logins, emails, passwords etc. by itself, but instead it relies on Google security standards. This is definitely good. The dark part of this approach is that some rules "dictates" Google. For instance, if you have used a Google account (with some email), you cannot use the same email with the email-password combination.
Sorry for that. If you don't want to use Google account on all your monitor and camera devices (I do not surprise), you will have to start from scratch, create one email-password account and use it on all your devices.

08.05.2020 15:20

Your app is supposed to be hidden after setup but it remains on the desktop.

This app isn't supposed to be completely hidden. In camera mode, the app is almost invisible except an icon in notifications. This icon cannot be hidden because of rules of Google Play store.

08.05.2020 8:46

I would ask you to remove my account. If I try to do it within app it says that there were problems while communicating with server.

I know about this bug, unfortunately it is not in my code but in a Google library, so I cannot fix it. You can remove your account if you Logout, login again and now within period of 5 minutes it will work (logout AND delete my account).

08.05.2020 6:31

I'm having a hard time changing my password because I can't make my camera links on because the password for the monitor is not accepting it or vice versa.

Please try to change your password on the webpage - in the top right corner click Login and follow the instructions.

07.05.2020 23:35

Does the app support walkie takie? How can I use this feature?

Yes, walkie talkie is supported: connect to your camera (to see live feed) and the press the yellow microphone icon.

07.05.2020 19:13

I want to switch a camera mode to monitor mode on one of my devices. How can I do it?

To switch between Camera and Monitor modes, please go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner) and choose Logout. You will be taken to the start screen of the app, where you can login again and choose whichever mode you want.

07.05.2020 11:50

I would like to know if it is possible to have the date and time printed on recorded photos or videos?

This feature you require is my old debt and I have it on my must to do list a very long time. The reason for this is that putting the date and time to the image is surprisingly harder than I have expected, especially when I need to keep support for people with very old devices with low memory. But I promise, I will finish it and I put the date/time feature very soon.

06.05.2020 23:47

Last update broke night vision function. I get many false positive motion detections also it's practically impossible to do a live view, because view resizes, freezes, frame rate drops to 0. Is there anything you or I can do to fix this?

I have checked your profile and really, there are some errors concerning your Samsung S6 device which you probably used as a camera. Because the app has been tested on Samsung S6, it should work. Is it possible to make a factory reset on the phone and install the camera application again? I hope it should work.

06.05.2020 14:26

I'm having a problem downloading images. I tap the download icon, it animates, I get the on-screen popup "High Res download complete" but it does not appear in my local gallery on my viewing phone. Worked fine before.
The picture viewer does update the "downloaded" image to the HD version, which is something, but I'm forced to take a screenshot of that which isn't ideal.

I've spent some time on this issue, but I cannot figure out any possible reason for this. Also I didn't receive any similar feedback from other users, so maybe this is some device specific problem.
Please would you try to download the hi-res image of the preview to check if it behaves the same way?
If you download any picture let say from the internet it appears in your standard Pictures folder?

05.05.2020 21:57

Hello is there any way to see the cameras on my PC?

You can watch your cameras at

05.05.2020 20:53

Did someone delete my photos from today's recordings? I'm not seeing nothing and it has been recording all day.

Please note that there is a limit of 3000 images per day, after which the motion detection will stop. You should get a "warning" notification at the moment of 2000 images that you are reaching the limit.

05.05.2020 16:18

How can I access the video footage? Or is it all strictly in real time?

As stated on the Google Play, this application is intended to only take still images, not videos. It is because I thought it could be better approach in some circumstances. And also because all other similar apps on the market takes short videos, so I thought it would be nice to also have an app with a different approach. Of course, you can connect to the camera and watch live (and record).

05.05.2020 13:21

I would like to put the software on another device and can't remember the password. I would like to know if it is possible to add a device or should I uninstall on this one in use?

If you use an email/password combination as a login, you can change the password for instance at web page
If you use Gmail or Facebook as a login, you have to change the password using these services.
Of course, you can also uninstall everything and start from scratch, but I think that password reset is simpler approach.

05.05.2020 11:45

How can I look at the camera all the time?

I am sorry, this app isn't intended to be watched all the time and substitute professional systems. If you want to watch you facilities all the time, I would recommend to use some more robust and dedicated system.

05.05.2020 10:54

How do I cancel an alarm?

On the main screen, you can just swipe the camera image left or right and the camera switches off. You can then turn the camera back on using the same gesture.

05.05.2020 3:59

Why can't I watch live feed more than 20 seconds? The live feed is cut off after updating to the latest version. The name used in the app is and the connection is already 4G.

I have checked the logs on your account and it seems that you monitor device do not receive notifications properly (in time). There is often a very long delay (about 60 minutes) until the notification comes. In such a situation, the live video cannot work properly.
Please would you try to restart your monitor phone? I hope that should help.

05.05.2020 3:53

Why can't I watch live feed more than 20 seconds?

Normally the video runs much longer that 20 seconds. If your video connection drops, there must be some internet connectivity issue on the camera or monitor device.

04.05.2020 13:02

What happened about camera? It doesn’t work.

I've checked your profile and it seems that the camera phone restarts the application very often (67x today). Is the camera phone in a good condition? Is it plugged in the electricity?

04.05.2020 12:47

Motion detection is no longer working.

I've checked your profile and it seems that you have most of the image "masked" (or omitted) from motion detection. Please go to camera settings - Detection area and check if the mask is OK.

04.05.2020 10:49

How to use this application?

To use Security Camera CZ as a home security camera, you must install the application on two phones (or tablets) - one phone will act as a remote (may be hidden) camera that you will watch (monitor) using the second phone. You will be notified on your monitor about any movement that happens in front of your camera, you can watch and listen live feed from your camera and much more. Please remember that to make the camera and monitor to work together, you must use the same email as the login on BOTH devices.

03.05.2020 17:09

Till now I have been using your app (I have bought it) with great results, but since last update (v2.0 and next ones) the phone is shooting constantly even when I set the level to 1.
I have been using a Huawei P20 Pro set it to 10 MPx and sensibility set to 9. Since last update on last week (April 30th) I'm having a lot of false alarms when there is no movement, even if i set the sensibility to 1.
I attach to this email some screenshots and videocaptures for you to check them. In one of them you can see the average of daily pictures before and after update, on April 30th. There are many movements on April 29th but this was due to an element that appeared and disappeared on the screen, so it was right.
Another problem that I have detected is a large amount of veiled photos. Before update this problem didn't exist.
Of course I have to tell you that the phone is exactly in the same position before and after update, because I manage it via Teamviewer.
On the videocaptures that I attach to this e-mail the sensibility is set to 1, and even in that case the app is still shooting when there is no movement. I repeat, before update sensibility was set to 9, with great results.

I guess that the problem could be in focusing of the camera? When the camera changes its focus, the image "shifts" a little bit, so to motion detection logic evaluate it as movement. Please would you try to setup a larger grid to see if it helps? I mean in the camera settings - Detection area - set up a lower number for width and height, let say 5x4 or 4x3 or so. I would be glad if you let me know if it helped.

03.05.2020 14:29

Watching a video for more than a minute, it gets cut off every time.

If your video drops, please check if both devices (monitor and camera) have a good internet connection. This is the most common problem when video often drops.

03.05.2020 3:51

How much data does the application consume?

The data consumption is very low - the app was originally designed for exteriors without wifi. It takes about 40MB of data per each 1000 motion detection (i.e. per 1000 images).
Please only take care when you watch live video, because live video consumes data a lot.

02.05.2020 7:40

Quick question, my hedgehog house is now just out of range of the WiFi. Will the camera still take and save pictures that it usually would when it detects motion? Will it still function without the WiFi and without the need for a monitor?

Yes, even when the camera gets out of the WiFi, it still takes pictures and it will send them to you as soon as it will get back on a WiFi signal.

01.05.2020 23:45

Is there any chance in the future to integrate with the IFTTT app?

I have IFTTT (and Google Assistant) on my must to do list. The support of IFTTT will come in some future releases.

01.05.2020 22:29

When I delete a frame, I have one shot to get it back. Once that "Get Back" popup disappears, there is no option to retrieve it. Is there a "Trash" bin where these deleted frames are stored?

When the "Get back" popup disappears, there isn't any way how to get the command back. I have adopted this system from other common (worldwide) services. But thank you for your email, I will think about something like a trash.

03.05.2020 18:20

Why the night vision of my camera is not working?

The night vision should work on your camera. Please try to connect to the camera to see a live feed and then in the top right corner open the menu and turn on night vision manually (using the sun/moon icon). This should switch normal and night vision in a live feed.
If this does work, then there just isn't enough dark for the camera to switch to night mode automatically. There must not be any light object in front of the camera, otherwise the camera will not switch not night mode.

25.04.2020 15:08

Hi I'm using your app to capture life in a hedgehog house. I have to say, fantastic app. Problem is when the little guy came along I hit record and when I went to watch it back in my gallery, the video was cropped so drastically you cannot see half the hedgehog, it's not the full screen I was looking at.

I've fixed the issue (recording of vertical video) in the latest version 2.0.1, so if you want, just update your monitor device and enjoy! And many greetings to the hedgehogs!

01.05.2020 9:08

Can I log in to another device with a phone number?

Unfortunately, it is not possible at this moment. If you don't want to use Gmail or Facebook account, you can login just using any email/password combination.

01.05.2020 5:04

Sound is not heard clearly. How can I solve it? And how can I make automatically video record when motion detect is on?

Concerning the sound: android system doesn't have any settings for microphone - it cannot be adjusted to better sensitivity or so. From my experiences, some phones (devices) have excellent sound and some of them have worse, but there isn't anything we can do with this. If your sound is worse, I would recommend to aim the camera towards the scene with the front camera, so the microphone will also aim to the scene.
Recording videos: this app doesn't record videos upon a motion detection. This is because all other similar apps on the market do record videos and I thought that it could be nice to come up with another approach. I think that for some purposes (long running disruptions for instance) still images are more suitable. But everybody can choose whatever he wants now - who wants videos, there are plenty of apps recording videos. Who wants stills, there is an option now. I clearly note this on the Google Play that this app doesn't records videos.
Of course you are still free to watch your camera live and record video manually.

01.05.2020 7:30

I got a notification while trying to start a video feed that said "this video is currently being watched by (my name) please wait till he is finished" I am not sharing with anyone nor was I able to start a video so find out who is using my account!

I know about this bug, it was caused when the previous connection didn't finish properly on the camera side, so the camera "thinks" it is still connected to you. It has been fixed in the newest release, so after you update your camera to the latest version of the app, this shouldn't happen again.

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