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06.08.2019 7:47

I've just installed your app on my two tablets: Samsung S5e to be the monitor and an old Sony SGP321 to be the camera. I'm testing the set at home on a local network in close proximity to my Wi-Fi router, so there is plenty of bandwidth available. The Sony tab front and back camera are both 1080p. Yet, all I get is 720p on my monitor (the Samsung) and at rather poor frame rates (15/s at best). The HD video is turned on in the app. So, why can't I have a full HD video? Also, I wish there was a frame rate setting available. That is to have an option of getting high res video at slower rate to save on data transmission and storage space. I know from experience that for example 10 f/s is quite sufficient for security monitoring. Is there a way of video recording in a loop (a 24-hr loop for example)?

Except bandwidth, which is usually good, the limiting factor for frame rate is hardware performance (because the camera must encode video in real time and broadcast it) and light conditions. If any of these conditions are poor, the frame rate is automatically downsized (that is the reason, you are getting 15/s at best). The app currently supports HD i.e. 720p, full HD is not supported yet, but I think I will add it soon. I will also think about adding some sort of settings for frame rate, as you suppose, it is a good idea.
The camera doesn't record a video locally, so it doesn't have any loop or so.

06.08.2019 2:17

I have tested your app for IP camera and I like it very much! But I just don't know how to set the number of frames in video to normal 25 fps? It is not continuous now.
Thank you for your good app! I shall buy it when I can manage that problem!

Frame rate of video is variable and depends mainly and only on the camera's conditions - light conditions, hardware performance (the phone must encode the video to H.264, resp. to mp4, in real time) and network conditions. If any of these conditions are poor, the camera automatically downgrades frame rate. From my experience, especially light and hardware conditions limit frame rate from being pure 25fps. Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done with this issue, perhaps you can try a phone with higher hardware performance.

06.08.2019 17:21

Concerning security camera rotation. I fix the phone to the wall, then the image appears rotated to the left. But after a time, can be minutes or hours, the image rotates to the right. The phone is still and fixed. However, there is no more rotation from right to left. Once the phone is rotated to the right there are no more rotations.
In order to movement, sure, the phone is VERY WELL FIXED to the wall. There is no movement and wind doesn't affect. As I told you I'm using a Huawei P20 Pro, and I cannot try another phone at the moment. I will try another when I have it available. And yes, the phone has been restarted twice.
Related to image quality I know there is an option to download high resolution images but the quality of the image is not as good as if you take the photo with the built in camera app. I send you attached to this mail two pictures. One from your app (high resolution image) and another taken with the camera of the phone (using team viewer to manage the phone and shoot and send to me the image). You can see that it is hard to read the license plate of the car with the front facing the camera (high resolution image from Security Camera CZ, but it is blurry) and you can see that the license plate of the van is very sharp, this picture was taken with the built-in camera app.

From those pictures you sent I see that the built-in app took picture at 12MPx while the app is set to take pictures only at 9MPx. I know it is not a big difference, but please would you try to increase the resolution in the app for your camera? It can be done in the camera settings - Resolution. Try to go higher with resolution and check the results. I will be glad if you let me know.
Another thing that surprises me is that - if you compare both images - the build-in app took picture which is shifted a little bit down. Do you have any ideas why this is?

As I told you this morning I sent you different images taken with the build-in camera app and the high resolution images downloaded from Security Cam CZ. First of all, as I told you, today I set the app on 10 Mpx instead of 39,9, and, until now, the image hasn't turned from left to right, and motion detection is working properly.
I sent you 3 images. Two of them taken with the build in camera app and the other with your app. All images are shot at 10 Mpx.
The image where the white van appears is taken with the build in camera app and a zoom set to 2x. It is possible to read the license plate. The next image where black BMW appears is taken with the build in camera app and a zoom of 3,9x. As you can see, license plate is sharp. The last one where the white BMW appears is the high resolution image from Security Camera CZ and a zoom of 3,99x. It is very hard to read the license plate, the image is blurry.
I have tried to capture the cars in the same position for you to see the quality difference in shooting with the build in camera app and the high resolution pictures from your app. Cars are at 35 meters distance approx.

Hi, thank you very much for your important findings and examples. I wouldn't believe that the difference could be so huge. I will definitely dive deep into this issue. I hope I will solve it soon; I will let you know.

Thank you very much. I hope it can be useful for you. I have the chance to test your app on different devices so I will let you know if I find any other "bug". At the moment the P20 Pro is working great since I restarted the app and have changed the resolution from 39,9 Mpx to 10 Mpx. Have a nice weekend.

I only write these lines for you to know that the app is working great since the last day we talked. Maybe the problem with the detection zones has been resolved using 10 Mpx instead 39,9 Mpx. Also, I would like to tell you that I have 2 devices using your app, P20 Pro and Galaxy S7, and today they changed the orientation from left to right at the same time, and that means that I had to change the detection zones. Nothing serious. But maybe there is another unknown bug that you would like to know about.

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