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12.04.2019 17:42

How do I delete my pictures of motion that I went through?

Just mark those pictures by a long press and then hit the delete icon. You can mark more pictures and delete them at once. You can also mark a whole day by long pressing on a day title.

11.04.2019 8:56

Congratulations on the application. I am very sorry not to have it in Portuguese.

Unfortunately, translation of the app costs money and the app does not earn much. I thought that Spanish and Portuguese are similar languages and you can understand each other? If not, maybe I will add Portuguese in the future.

10.04.2019 14:21

Is there a way to download video/pictures as they are being taken?

Yes, of course. You can download an image by marking it (using a long press on an image), then hit the sharing icon and share it with yourself. You can mark and share more images at once.
Even easier way to download an image is from the preview screen, where you can press a "download" button (white down arrow at bottom left). This way you get an image in full resolution. After downloading you will find the image in your Pictures gallery of your phone.

09.04.2019 14:02

I use and love the premium version of your software for Android. I was wondering if you have or maybe you know of a way to access the cameras via your software with a Windows PC.

A web portal for watching live video from cameras is the very next item on my internal must-to-do list. I have already started to work on it, so I hope it will be ready in a couple of weeks.

08.04.2019 21:16

I am having a problem with my video camera, please can you fix it?

Do you mean a problem with connecting to your camera? If so, try to wait a little bit longer for the connection (let's say max 1 minute) and also between attempts (let's say 10 seconds). Sometimes, when there are many attempts for connection, the camera can be in some "confused" state and needs a little bit more time. Give me feedback if it didn't help.

06.04.2019 16:38

How do I install the app?

First, you have to install the application on two Android devices. One device will serve as a remote camera and the second device will be your monitor. You can then watch on your monitor device what is going on in front of your camera.

06.04.2019 16:09

The application only allows me to see frames without sound. How do I get it to automatically record videos detected by motion?

This is because this application does not record videos when it detects a motion. All other applications on the market record videos, so I wanted to create something a little bit different. On the other hand, the application has a unique and handy method for going through all taken pictures.

28.03.2019 20:51

Last two or maybe three releases make to lose connection without any reason and even after resetting both phones I cannot make connection again. I tried to solve this by reinstalling the app, but without progress. I was so satisfied with old app releases.

I see you have 3 cameras. Do all of your cameras have the same problem? Because if yes, I would guess that there could be most probably some problem in connectivity, more than in the app. I currently checked all the video background servers and they seem to run without any problem. Is it possible to check somehow the stability of Wi-Fi connection of your cameras? Or can you try to put one of your cameras somewhere else, just to see if the problem disappears?
Also some of your cameras are very outdated. Although the app is backward compatible, I would recommend to install the really latest version (currently 1.6.2). I work hard on the stability of the app and it is still improving based on error messages I obtain from end devices.

25.03.2019 19:36

How can I delete my account?

You can easily delete your account from the app. Log in to your monitor device, go to menu, hit Logout and mark "Also delete my account".

21.03.2019 6:28

Can you tell me what the "Highlight areas with motion" option means?

You can use this option to highlight areas in the image where some motion was detected. When you choose the option "Red frame", you will see a red frame around areas where a motion was detected. Using this option, you can easily find what has moved in front of your camera.
If you choose the other option "Frame with sensitivity exceeded", you will also see how much the detected movement exceeded sensitivity of the camera.

20.03.2019 6:04

I would like to ask whether it would be possible to detect the camera’s direction and display the preview of disruption in that direction? My point is that my camera is standing in a vertical position but on the monitoring device it is being shown horizontally. Yet the video display is correct.

The camera does detect rotation, but it is intentionally designed to display horizontal images only. Vertical images are not currently supported, mainly due to the fact that I have not yet managed to work out how to display them vertically in a good way. They would either be too large on the display, or they would have small black stripes on each side – I do not like either. If you have any suggestions, be sure to let me know.

18.03.2019 13:04

Is it possible to hide the app in any way, or better yet, change the icon so that it is not easily recognizable at first sight, without being the center of attention in the phone?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the app. It is one of Google Play’s conditions that it must not be a hidden spying app. For truly hidden apps look outside the official store.

17.03.2019 10:04

Your app is great, the best one I ever installed. Would it be possible to place the turn on/turn off camera button on the first screen with the camera, possibly next to settings, so we don’t have to click through so many settings?

Thank you. To place the turn on/turn off camera button on the first screen would not be a problem, but there is not enough room for it. In the future I plan to make the main control bar slidable – sliding with your finger to the left will create room for more buttons.

16.03.2019 15:04

The app often crashes or is constantly lagging. Is there any way to solve this problem?

In your case, the app is crashing because it lacks memory (OutOfMemoryError), it is not the app’s fault. It would be a good idea to have the phone cleaned soon, or at least to delete some downloaded applications. Optimally, reset it to factory settings.

15.03.2019 16:49

How can I get larger images?

To get an image in high resolution, click on the image and then hit the download button (it is on bottom left side). The high resolution image will be downloaded from camera and displayed.

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