Security Camera CZ

Camera is out of memory!

When you see this error message, it means that the camera cannot do its work properly. It cannot take pictures, record videos and detect motions. This is a serious issue and until we fix it, the camera won't work.

What causes this problem

If you do not want to read what causes this problem, feel free to skip to the next paragraph.

Each Android phone has an internal memory, called RAM (Random Access Memory), which is used by running applications to store temporary data that they need in order to work. Each application that runs on the phone will block a part of this internal memory for its use, so if there are too many applications running on the phone, the memory may run out. When this happen, the next application that you want to run on the phone without free internal memory will crash or will not run properly. By the way, this is the reason why better (and more expensive) phones have more internal memory than cheap ones. The more internal memory the phone has, the more application can the phone run at the same time. If the internal memory is exhausted, no more applications can run on the phone. We tried to deal with this problem by detecting a lack of memory and showing a warning which probably took you to this help page.

How to solve this issue

Although this problem is pretty serious, because it means that the Security Camera CZ cannot properly run on your camera phone, the solution of this issue is straightforward - you have to free the internal memory by uninstalling all unnecessary applications from the camera phone. You probably use your camera phone as a standalone surveillance device, so we suppose that it is not necessary that the phone runs for instance Facebook app at the same moment.

  • Go to the camera phone settings, choose Applications and uninstall all apps that you do not need.
  • In case you use a very old phone as the camera which has been already used for some time, there can be a lot of old applications. It could be difficult to uninstall all of them one by one. In this case, we recommend to make a factory reset of the phone.

Factory reset

A factory reset is the most reliable way to clean your old phone. A factory reset will erase all data from the phone, leaving the phone in the same state as when you bought it. A factory reset deletes all applications that you installed on it, all photos, all videos etc. The biggest advantage of the factory reset is that the phone becomes like a new one.

Factory reset of the phone is an irreversible operation. Before you start the factory reset, be sure that you make a backup of all data on the phone that are important for you.

To make the factory reset:

  • Backup all data from the phone that are important for you.
  • Go to the phone settings and search for "Factory reset". Location of this item depends on the Android version and the phone manufacturer.
  • Click on the Factory reset and confirm it.
  • Wait until the factory reset finishes. It can take several minutes.
  • Now connect the phone to WiFi and leave it for an hour, so it can download and install all necessary updates. This step is important. If you start to install applications immediately after the factory reset, the phone will be doing too much things at the same time - the phone will be very slow and installations may even crash.

After the phone finishes updates you can install the Security Camera CZ.

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