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05.08.2019 11:57

I would like to configure a new Vivo smartphone as an IP camera. I am trying to add an account using my Gmail, but I face a problem...

If you have a problem with installation or logging in or adding an account, try to completely restart the phone, it usually helps.

04.08.2019 20:17

Why are settings and video camera unavailable once I leave the phone that's used for IP camera? Thanks

That is probably because your camera is offline (you can recognize this status by a red strip on its left). Please try to turn the camera back on - you can do it remotely from camera's settings.

03.08.2019 19:49

Why I do not see a camera icon and almost all items in settings are grayed out?

This is because your security camera is currently offline (you can see a red strip on its left). You can try to remotely turn the camera on - go to the settings, roll to the bottom and look for "turn off | turn on ...".

02.08.2019 17:59

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how many devices are on my account when I use this security camera app. Thanks.

Hi, concerning the account - you have one camera and no monitor devices.

I mean are there other devices monitoring. Like if someone had access to my Google account. Could I see if someone other than this phone has that access?

Oh, sorry. No, there is nobody else who has access to your camera. Only you using your Google account.

01.08.2019 8:06

I would like to ask you about the purchase of the application - will the image quality be better?

Thank you for your email. The purchase removes ads and has some other advantages, but image quality remains the same - all features in the application are free. The image quality mostly depends on the camera capabilities. Do you mean quality of images of motions? Or video? Is it possible to send me some example?

01.08.2019 1:53

What cameras are compatible with your application?

This app supports only Android phones and tablets. You do not need any hardware camera - you just install the app on an unused smartphone and the smartphone will become a camera which detects movements and everything. You can control your camera(s) by the same app from your common smartphone.

31.07.2019 18:15

I was just wondering if there was some sort of notification to let an owner of a camera know if friends are viewing also? Or if this could be an update?

If someone who you share your camera with is currently watching, you can recognize it by the video icon on the main screen - the video icon will be crossed out in that case. If you tap on it, you will be given the name of your friend who is watching.

31.07.2019 5:06

Please get rid of the ads, they are annoying.

Yes, I would like to, I don't like ads, either. But the app is using external servers heavily (mainly google servers), which costs. I must compensate this expense by something. If you like the app and don't like ads, you can get rid of them for 5USD for the whole year. I tried to keep this fee as low as possible.

28.07.2019 15:47

Hello, my second security camera doesn't work for long and only restart helps to fix it. I have two security cameras. Please tell me and have a look.

Please would you send me your email address which you used to log in to the app? I will check your profile. Just generally - some phones, especially older phones whose hardware is already a little bit "tired", don't work properly and give up after a while (usually with a message "cannot access image sensor"). Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done in this situation - only hard restart helps and only for a while. But please send me your email, I will check your profile.

Yes, two similar phones and one works and the second one doesn't.

Just a short question (because I see that on the first device you have a different time-zone than on the second device): would you check if you have a correct time and time zone set on your first device? Because with totally incorrect time settings on the device the app can behave unpredictably. Best regards, Daniel.

28.07.2019 10:06

Fist, I like this application. I am a Security Guard at night and the night vision is well done and ALL pictures and video are clear, a little grainy but it is night. So last night I noticed that the battery icon was RED and I am pretty sure that the night before it was yellow?? Thanks again.

Red battery means that the battery is currently discharging. Even when the phone is plugged in, it can discharge itself for a while - some models of phones switch between charging and discharging to prolong battery's life. Some phones even do not fully charge the battery and end charging at 95% for instance. I do not know much about your actual model of phone, but if it is properly plugged in electricity, it is probably one of those models that regularly switch between charging and discharging. Daniel

28.07.2019 9:33

I'm using two of your security systems at the moment, one on local Wi-Fi and one remotely over mobile network. Finding it difficult to communicate on either. What do you suggest?

Communication between camera and monitor uses standard Android mechanism provided by Google. It is the same mechanism like when you receive notification about a new email. When you face a problem with communication, there must be some internet connectivity issue either on camera or monitor. Please check if especially your camera (which I suppose is on Wi-Fi) has a good signal and if notifications arrive.

28.07.2019 1:35

What does "can't access camera sensor" mean?

This message appears when the app in the camera cannot access camera's hardware - for some reason the camera's hardware is blocked. This can happen on some older phones (models) whose hardware is already a little bit "tired". Unfortunately, only hard restart of the​ device helps in this situation.

26.07.2019 0:43

How do I access/review the recorded videos?

You can find your recordings in your monitor device in the standard Video folder. When you run your favorite video player, it should find these recordings for you.

25.07.2019 0:04

How does video storing work? Where are the recordings being saved, or are they not being saved at all?

All video recordings are saved solely to the phone from which you record, nowhere else.

24.07.2019 18:52

Where are the images stored?

Low resolution images are sent to and stored in a private cloud (in Google's environment). High resolution images are stored (solely) in the camera. So, when you browse your images, you see low-res images, because they are available online. When you press a download button on the preview screen, a command is sent to the camera to release and send to you the relevant image in hi-res.

24.07.2019 11:32

Tell me, what is the minimum version of Android that can handle this application?

The minimum version of Android is currently 4.1.

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