Security Camera CZ

30.08.2019 23:59

Do you plan on implementing full HD video recording?

I will certainly add full HD recording in the future, especially if the users are interested (but so far you are the first :-)

30.08.2019 22:54

Can this app record in loops? For replaying the whole event later.

I must disappoint you, but the app cannot record in loops. Perhaps other similar apps on the market can do it. This one records disruptions in the form of consecutive images, i.e. it does not record disruptions in the form of videos.

It happened to me that during a zone disruption a picture was taken, but the person that walked past was not recorded in time. Is it possible to fix this?

A picture was probably taken the moment the person was beginning to enter the detected field, and before the next picture could be taken, they already walked past. In that case I would reduce detection sensitivity so that the camera responds to more pronounced movement than e.g. a moving handle, door, etc.

30.08.2019 16:14

Is it possible to set the app to Czech or Slovak language?

The app adopts the language that you have set on your phone. If you set your phone to Czech, the app will be displayed in Czech too.
I shall add that thanks to a prevailing bug in Google, the so-called second language setting does not work, i.e. if your phone’s first language is Slovak and the second is Czech, the app unfortunately against all logic appears in English. I hope Google fixes this soon.

30.08.2019 02:02

I use your app and unfortunately my alarms delete themselves, even the ones I have not yet seen. I thought there was a storage on your side where my recordings were being saved, can this be checked?

I checked your profile and I suspect that the problem is in lack of space (memory) in your cameras. Both of your cameras are set to relatively high definition, about 6 MP, so each saved picture takes up about 2-3 MB (you can check this by downloading a high-resolution image from your camera and checking the size of that file.) Currently you have approx. 500MB of free space in your cameras, meaning space for 200 images. Once the camera runs out of space, it deletes the oldest images to free some space for new ones. This is the problem. Images are being deleted faster than you are able to view them. You have several options how to solve this problem:
- Set your cameras to lower resolution, in my experience 2 MP is more than enough and the image will occupy third of the space, i.e. there will be space for three times as many.
- Adjust (decrease) the sensitivity to prevent false-positive alarms and record only disruptions that interest you. You can also omit distracting parts of the image, e.g. if there is a tree moving in the wind in the corner of the screen, it is possible to omit it from motion detection.
- Buy a larger memory card for your phones. The app will automatically recognize it and will start to save the pictures there.

29.08.2019 20:54

Will your software work on a JH09 camera that runs on Android? It has Tycam software, but it is not able to send an alarm MMS. Your software is better.

Unfortunately, that will not work. The app is only able to work with "itself" (which is, after all, the nature of all apps that turn an old smartphone into a security camera.)

29.08.2019 14:44

Is it possible that my images deleted themselves from this app?

Images of detected motion are by default stored in the app for the last 15 days (at least 30 in the paid version). Older days are deleted automatically.
Second possibility as to why images delete themselves would be that if there is not enough memory in the camera, it frees space by deleting the oldest images.

29.08.2019 10:24

When I click on Connect to camera, it disconnects all the time. Where could be the problem?

Disconnecting of live video may be due to unstable internet connection on either the camera or phone/monitor. Online video requires relatively good Wi-Fi/mobile signal that does not fluctuate. What you can try is turning off HD mode (high definition) in the camera’s settings. The image will not be as sharp, but the video streaming will be less demanding on the transferred data.

29.08.2019 02:34

I connected two devices as cameras using your app, and I use my phone as a monitor. Watching through the devices is working, but what does not work at all is the alarm when a zone is disturbed. Nothing happens, whether I schedule the alarm or not.

Motion detection should work after the first power up, i.e. without the need to set it up. First, try to check if you have this in your camera’s settings:
Motion detection – ON
Turn off when I\'m nearby - OFF
Use scheduler - OFF
This is the basic setup during which your camera must detect movement and send pictures of disruptions to your phone.

28.08.2019 14:14

I have a garage that is not supplied with electricity, and so I’m looking for an app that can primarily save battery power. I picture such an app in the following way: app on a remote phone would run in the background, i.e. without the need for increased power consumption, without activated camera, data transfer, etc. In case of need it would be possible to remotely activate all available functions of the app through the user’s phone. Activation through SMS would be ideal.
If you are the creator of this app, surely you have overview of similar apps. If your app does not have these features, could you tell me which app from Google Play at least partially meets these requirements? I want to avoid installing and testing 10 – 20 apps, so I would rather ask for advice.

The Security Camera CZ does precisely this. It is possible to remotely turn on/turn off the app (it uses built-in Android functions for command transfer, which does not use the battery). When the app is not running, all its functions which would use the battery are off as well (camera, data transfer, etc.) The phone in this state will last without being plugged in as long as it would if there were no apps running, i.e. for several days. Of course, there must not be installed anything which uses the battery. You can remotely turn on the app whenever you need to. At that moment it will start to use battery power and run for ca. 6-10 hours. I recommend buying any bigger power bank which will greatly prolong how long the device lasts on battery power.

28.08.2019 7:10

How do I download the application in Czech, Slovak or German language?

The app is currently available in English, Czech, Spanish and Russian. To display the app in Czech, you would have to set the primary language on your phone to Czech. Unfortunately, setting Czech as a secondary language is not working right now, because one of the Google libraries used by the app contains a bug. I have written to Google support and I hope they fix the bug soon.

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