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06.06.2019 0:23

All my cameras stopped working at the same time. Is the free trial over?

I have checked your profile and currently it seems that one of your cameras is online and one is offline. Please would you try to turn the offline camera back on using Settings - "Turn on | off | delete..." - "Turn on" and let me know if it helps?

05.06.2019 20:20

How can I watch my security camera from my iPhone?

This app is currently available only in Android app store. But I am just working on a web browser viewer which will enable viewing cameras also on iOS.

04.06.2019 19:04

I installed the free version of your program. It is fine, only that after I connect a couple of times to the live video, it stops transmitting and goes to stand-by and I have to reactivate the live video. I wanted to buy the paid version, but I doubt that I will have the same problem.

The free version should work as expected and without problems. Currently there are huge problems with Google services (look at internet and search #googledown) like Gmail, Gcloud etc., which may unfortunately also have influence on my application, because it relies on Google services. Unfortunately I cannot say who is affected by this blackout and who is not, because the blackout changes in places in the world.
So if you have a problem now, there is a possibility that the app will start to work again in couple of hours, days or (I hope) sooner, as soon as Google fixes this.

31.05.2019 21:16

Ever since the update I can't see on the monitor's side what is on the camera's side. The screen is blank. Can you please help with that?

Please, where on your monitor do you see a blank screen? On the main screen, or just in the live video preview? Do you see all your two cameras the same way? I will try to help.

Just on the live feed.

Do you face the same issue on both of your cameras?

I reinstalled the app and now it works. Thanks a lot.

31.05.2019 9:34

In settings of my home security camera is Scheduler settings. Why do I see the active/inactive time limit?

If the time limit is greyed out, it doesn't impact the behavior of the motion detection. It just informs you that if you turn the scheduler on, it will be active.

31.05.2019 1:22

My monitor phone has not been getting notifications, and not showing video or storing for 2 days now. Please advise, I love this app and have been telling everyone I know about it.

The easiest way how to fix it: on your (not working monitor) device log out from the main menu and then log in again. This will recreate the profile of your monitor device. In the worst case, you can also try to reinstall the app on your monitor device. All data from your cameras will stay untouched.

30.05.2019 3:50

I see a lot of references to video, but I cannot find any place where videos get captured based on motion detection events. Also, if I manually press the record button it acts like it's recording but I don't see anywhere where it actually gets recorded to. The only thing I see are snapshot images of motion detection. The motion detection capability seems to be very good compared to all of the other apps that I have tried so I'm hoping that there is a video capture component associated with this that I'm just missing.

Comparing to all other (security camera) apps on the market, this app solves recording of detected motion by taking still pictures, one by one, instead of recording videos. The app provides easy and fast way to go over taken images - instead of watching 15 seconds videos, you can slide a slider and go over the history very fast.
I decided for this approach just to have a different app comparing to all the others. I know that someone prefers videos over stills, but at least, now there is a possibility to choose from several different approaches.
If you record manually, you will find the video in your standard Video folder on the monitor phone.

29.05.2019 20:14

It will be good to add video recording to your security camera application or increase the number of lights per second.

Because other "security camera" applications on the market have video recording, I created this app, which has a different approach and records still images. So, everybody can now choose what they want. Before my app, there was no choice. :-)
But I appreciate your email.

28.05.2019 15:49

The monitor does not turn on?

For some reason, your account has signed out of the app.
1) if you can, sign out and sign in again (from the main menu)
2) if there is no way how to sign out, please reinstall the app and sign in again with the same credentials. All data will stay untouched.

27.05.2019 20:00

A recent reset of the monitor device has caused loss of ads free upgrade version. Please assist in restoring ads free version.

I've checked your account, you are still ADS FREE, until 31. December 2019. Please just turn the app off and then on - ads will disappear.
Reason: When the app is reinstalled, ads are shown until the app loads your ads free status from the network, so ads are shown once or twice. As soon as the app knows that it should be ads free, no ads are shown anymore.

26.05.2019 1:48

If my camera loses the Wi-Fi signal, will it continue recording and when it has it again, will I see all the recordings?

Yes, it works exactly as you wrote. The absence of Wi-Fi signal must not be too long, otherwise the camera can get to low memory.

25.05.2019 15:04

Very good application! I would happily upgrade to premium in an instant if the night vision worked as good as the night vision on Alfred Security Camera. I cannot see anything at all on 2 different devices and I have tried all of the settings.

Yes, I have got several complains about poor quality of the night vision function. So I have this on my must to do list already and I hope I will improve the quality soon. By the way, would you prefer green or white as the color of night vision?

25.05.2019 9:57

Thanks again for great application. Some ideas for features>
1. Camera status. It would be great to know if motion detection is on or off (like an icon at camera view. Currently it is not completely clear.
2. Group mode off. When one of family members is nearby stop motion detection.
3. Remote restart of the app.

Thank you for your very interesting ideas. I think that (1) is really needed, I have the same opinion. Your idea (2) is really interesting, I will try to implement it. The only thing is, that this would work only for family members who have the app installed and who are on the "share list", i.e. who are sharing your camera. In other words, the function would be "turn motion detection off when either you or anyone who shares this camera is nearby". And (3), do you mean turning the app off and then on? Can I ask you why you need it?

No. 3 means simple remote restart of the app. Sometimes (on some particular table) it loses camera.

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