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28.08.2019 1:28

Please be informed about this:
You may find this change to be of high value. Having had trouble with your app due to this previous Evenwell battery management system, it is likely most failures of your app on Android 9.0 for Nokia are gone.
Having gone through the devices' settings and fully disabled all battery optimization, your services were restored from this end. Therefore no further support requests were filed. But as Nokia moves through the market with a more viable security platform and your app is security centric, this news should be of value to your development and troubleshooting.

Thank you very much for this info, I did not know about it.

26.08.2019 12:04

The app is excellent, but it seems that it is not possible to apply the Italian language. Is there any way to solve it?

Thank you! The application is currently translated to English, Spanish and Russian languages. Italian and other languages are not available at this moment. The reason is that translation service costs something and this application does not earn much. As soon as there is a significant number of users from Italy, I will order an Italian translation.

26.08.2019 0:04

I was just wondering if there was a way to delete all the motion detection shots at once instead of one by one?

Yes, of course. On Motions screen you can mark images by a long press. You can mark as many images as you want and then delete them by pressing the trash button. You can also mark a whole bundle of images by a double-long press on an image. You can also mark all images of one whole day by a long press on the day title.

25.08.2019 18:16

Why is there a little picture of a house in the left-hand corner that was not there but there is now?

The icon is there to inform you that you have turned on the function "turn motion detection off when I am nearby" and that currently you are close to your camera. The icon signals that this function is active and that motion detection is turned off due to your proximity to the camera.

24.08.2019 09:52

Is there any version compatible with Blackberry devices?

Hi there, this is a joke I guess :-) ? Sorry, seriously. I am preparing a web version of the app, which will run on all modern browsers. I don't have a Blackberry, so I cannot test it, but if you do, you can try to open it from the address When there, choose Monitor (beta) tab. You should see your cameras. All other functions will be available soon.

24.08.2019 08:34

Concerning the feature "Turn off motion detection when nearby" - what is the range? I mean the range for nearby detection. By the way, this app has been amazing!

Thank you! The range (diameter) is about 100 meters.

24.08.2019 9:54

Can I watch my cameras on my PC?

This feature is available starting version 1.7.0 and is currently in Beta version. You can follow the current status of the web application at

24.08.2019 3:40

Can I view images in portrait mode?

The application is really missing portrait mode. The only reason for this is that I did not figure out any reasonable way how to display portrait pictures on the monitor device. If you have any idea how to nicely show portrait pictures, please let me know, and I will think about adding portrait mode in the future.

21.08.2019 20:52

Thank you for your wonderful app! Please add an option on camera device to choose the storage location on filesystem. This would make it possible to back up the pictures folder with Google Photos. Also, this would make it possible to analyse last pictures of a stolen or damaged camera device. Google Photos application unfortunately does not permit to back up images under /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/...

Originally, the app stored images to the default Pictures folder. Unfortunately, some phones aim this folder to an SD card, but others aim to internal memory. For this reason, I have decided to manage the destination folder by myself/manually. Now images go primarily to an SD card, and only if an SD card is not available, then to internal memory. In other words, a camera device stores images to any available media with some space.
Of course, it would be no problem to add a switch, so the user could choose between these two strategies. The only problem is how to describe such a problematic to a common user. But your idea about syncing to Google Photos is very good and I will be definitely thinking about it.

21.08.2019 1:22

Great app, thank you. My only issue is the battery notifications. I don't need to know every time the battery is being charged. Also, I don't need to know every time it starts to discharge. How about a simple notice only when the battery gets down to 50% and then another one when it is fully charged but no more? In the current situation I can miss an important event, just because I mix up unimportant battery notification and motion detection.

Frequency of battery notifications differs phone by phone. Some phones, when plugged, stay fully charged and do not notify. Other phones periodically switch between charging and discharging. I have already implemented some strategy against being notified too often, but your idea is good and I will probably go for it.

Meanwhile, you can turn off battery notifications (completely) from the menu - go to main menu (top left on the main screen), choose Notifications, then:
If you have Android 7.1 or lower, turn off "Status changes" there.
If you have Android 8.0 or higher, go to "Set up notifications" and turn off "Camera status changes" there. Or, while there, you can change the tone of the battery notification to simply differentiate between battery and motion notifications.

20.08.2019 18:34

Where are the high-resolution images stored on my camera device? I am not talking about the pictures I download from the camera to the monitor device. I am guessing that the pictures are stored in a compressed folder or in a zip file. When I am recording live video from my monitor device, an add pops up after about nine and a half minutes which stops the recording. Also, if I turn off my monitor device's screen, the recording stops.

High-resolution images are stored in these folders on your camera device:
1) SD Card/Android/data/cz.scamera.securitycamera/files/Pictures/
2) Phone External Storage/Android/data/cz.scamera.securitycamera/files/Pictures/
3) Phone Internal Storage/Android/data/cz.scamera.securitycamera/files/Pictures/
The app tries to store it to an SD card (1) if available, then to External Storage (2) and only as the last resort to Internal Storage (3).
Concerning the video which stops after 10 minutes. This limit can be prolonged to 30 minutes by buying the app. Also, starting from version 1.7.0, there is a possibility to prolong the video by pressing the "Prolong" button on the pop-up message.

20.08.2019 14:02

I really love this app, but I keep having to turn on the motion detection every couple of minutes. Is there any reason why it will not stay on when I turn the camera on?

This is probably because you fire more than 3000 images / motion detections per day. As stated in FAQs:

Originally, there was no limit for number of alarms per day. Unfortunately, some users fired even more than 20.000 images per day, which caused that the costs of the app increased rapidly. So, just a safeguard against misuse, there is currently threshold of 2.000 images per day after which the user is informed that motion detection of his/her camera is not set properly; after 3.000 images per day the motion detection is stopped.
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