Security Camera CZ

28.12.2021 19:31

My live video only last a few seconds not like it was. Cannot find a setting for this. It must be something you have changed. Like the app, but if this continues will have to find another.

If the live feed is not stable, there will be most probably some issue on internet connection of the camera of the monitor phone. I would recommend to restart both phones (camera and monitor) and if you can restart the Wi-Fi router. The application has not changed, so the issue will be most probably in internet connection.

24.12.2021 15:53

Is it must that I will put sim card and register my email before it will start showing video? Including data service?

This application requires internet connection, but it does not matter if it is mobile data or Wi-Fi. You can use any connection to Internet you want and the app will work. Especially for watching live feed, it is better to have Wi-Fi connection because you do not pay for data then.

24.12.2021 9:59

I want to control my camera from outdoor with different Wi-Fi?

You can control your camera from any internet connection. For instance when you are with your "monitor" phone on different Wi-Fi or mobile data. It works for thousands of users. Therefore, if it does not work for you, please check the internet connection, the problem will be somewhere there.

23.12.2021 12:02

I just wondered if I am missing an option, when the camera catches movement it saves a bunch of images, which is ok but is there an option to save a video clip instead?

Saving detected motions as video clips is not supported yet, but I plan to add it as an option to some next release, so please be patient, this feature will be available eventually.

23.12.2021 9:36

The past weeks where it stopped motion detection, I think it stopped after last update, I try and deleted all data and reloaded new app with a new email so it worked for a day then stopped again to detect motion.

The motion detection should not stop by itself, unless there are more than 3000 images of motion detection per day - after the camera makes 3000 images, the motion detection stops. You can read more about limits and quotas here
So doesn't your camera makes more than 3000 images per day?

23.12.2021 8:06

I am very pleased with your application, but unfortunately it does not support Android watches and the screen is too small. It would be great to have support for watches just like for cameras... When installing the application on the watch, everything is stuck at the moment of determining how the widget will be used, as a screen or a camera, because there are no buttons to choose the mode.

I have to apologize because the application is not optimized for Android watches yet. I put your request to my must to do list and fix this in some future release.

21.12.2021 13:03

I am having trouble turning on my camera.

If you cannot turn your camera remotely on, please first try to restart the app on the "monitor" phone (close the app, remove it from the list of apps running on background and start it again).
If this does not help, then the camera is probably offline (disconnected from Internet) or the phone is down.

20.12.2021 8:33

I am having problems recording remotely. Cameras in Wi-Fi range. Full power. Just in the next room. Also, how does recording work? Sometimes I get Black screen during viewing.

First, please note that this app records detected movements as a series of still images in high resolution and not as short videos like other similar applications.
You can record live stream manually when you press the record button during the live feed. Do you face an issue with this? The video does not record for you.

20.12.2021 0:29

I'm at my neighbor’s house and I’m trying to view my can and I can't figure how to pull up a view?

If you are connected to neighbors Wi-Fi then it should be possible to connect to your camera the same way as when you are connected to your home Wi-Fi. If it does not work, please first try to disconnect from the neighbors Wi-Fi and connect to the camera using mobile data. If this work, then there will be some problem with the neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

17.12.2021 8:28

My question is (and maybe I have overlooked it) how can I keep the settings that I have changed to the new settings? I keep changing the exclusion areas and the sensitivity but it keeps changing back to my first original settings that I previously used during the first use of the app. If you could explain to me what I am, doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated.

There can be two reasons for this:
1/ you "monitor" phone have poor internet connection. Please check the internet connection of your "monitor" phone (may be a restart of the phone helps).
2/ or there is some mess between your cameras and monitor. Try to reinstall the application on your monitor phone (you will not lose any your footage or settings).
Please let me know in case the steps above does not help.

16.12.2021 13:36

Since last update, the "turn off when I'm nearby" function does not work at all. It is always on, worked most of the time but not anymore. Something must have gone wrong.

I must confirm that in the latest version, there are some problems with the nearby function. I will investigate on it and fix it as soon as possible.

16.12.2021 13:07

The message "Good job. Add your first camera now!" appears, but then nothing happens. The app was working fine before. Why am I unable to add a camera now?

To add a camera, you need to install the same application Security Camera CZ on another phone (some older unused one), run the app on that phone, sign in using the same account as on your previous phone and choose "Camera" mode.

16.12.2021 9:40

How can I change my monitor to camera?

To change between monitor and camera, go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner) and choose Sign out... You will be taken to the welcome screen where you can sign in again and choose camera or monitor mode, as you want.

16.12.2021 4:45

How can I use an additional camera in another area of my home?

To add a new camera to your system, install the application Security Camera CZ on another phone (this phone will be your additional camera), start the app, log in using the same login account as on your previous camera and choose "Camera" mode. The new camera will immediately appear on your monitor phone.

15.12.2021 22:21

Hi, after starting using the app on both, the camera and the monitor’s cellphones, it say on the monitor: "can't access image sensor"
I think I closed the monitor app, and after that, it no longer worked when I reopened it.

When you see the message "can't access image sensor" it means that hardware on the camera has frozen for some reason and the app cannot work (take pictures or record video) anymore. This happens especially on older devices, where the camera's hardware is already a little bit "tired". Unfortunately, the only help is a physical restart of the camera phone. If you face this issue repeatedly, then the phone's camera hardware is gone and you will need to find another phone as the camera.

15.12.2021 16:14

I often get white screen on my cameras. If I touch the camera and then go back, the camera will return to normal. I have to do this nearly every time I use the app.

Do you face this issue only on one particular camera? I see from the screenshot that you have more than one camera. The second camera is OK. Please would you try to switch the problematic camera from back facing lens to front facing lens (or vice versa)? Please let me know if the opposite lens provides the same issue.

13.12.2021 19:31

The program has been operating perfectly until last week when it locked my Nokia camera features. I have reset the phone and changed the email but whenever I log in to camera it displays, "feature not available. This feature has been turned off because it slows down your phone."

On older Android, the application needs "Display over other apps" permission in order the camera can take pictures. This permission should be adjustable (you can allow/disallow it in the Permissions sections of your phone). However, if the Nokia phone does not able to allow this permission, there is not much you can do. May be there is some other settings on the Nokia phone that will enable this permission - something like "Enable permissions that slow down your phone".

11.12.2021 11:19

How to turn off the camera?

To turn off the camera, go to the camera settings and choose "Turn on | off | delete..." item. Alternatively, you can simply swipe left or right over the preview image of the camera.

10.12.2021 21:53

However, the camera is not turning on. What could be the reason? The camera is set up in hotspot mode because it is used to turn on the lights when motion is detected (Smart Life app) as it is almost impossible to see anything in the dark without the lights. The monitor uses the Wi-Fi network at home (fiber optic and modem), which is 100 km away from the camera. During the tests when the monitor was using the camera's hotspot (a few meters away), everything was fine. Does it matter? Or could it be a problem with the internet network (weak signal).

The hotspot should not be a problem. When you see the camera as offline on your monitor phone, please would you try to restart the application on the monitor phone? To do that, close the app, remove it from the list of apps running on background and start the app again.
If this does not help, then there is some connectivity problem on the monitor or camera side. In this case, the camera becomes available again as soon as the connectivity to Internet will be restored.
The last possibility is that the application on the camera is down or the whole camera phone is down. In this case, only the restart of the camera phone helps.

10.12.2021 20:09

Hi I've been using the camera for a few weeks it uses to connect fine both phone new Samsung 10 but now won't connect only if I open app it connects once I close app to run in back ground it closes and won't open from turn on button I've tried to turn it on from work 100 time just spins wheel.

If I understand well, the problems is probably in the camera phone, where the application is down or the camera phone lost internet connection. I would try to restart the camera phone completely and after restart please check if it has stable internet connection.

10.12.2021 15:46

The phone is the monitor and the laptop is the camera. It's not working for me.

Unfortunately, this application can create a "camera" only from Android phones. It cannot create a "camera" from a laptop or PC.

10.12.2021 11:24

I suggest that you could allow the camera CZ to operate in camera mode even if it is not allowed to operate above other application. One of the Nokia phones cannot operate unless the camera mode is set to allow it to operate above other apps.

On some older phones with old Android operating system, the application needs an "Overlay permission", that is true. This permission is necessary in order the app can access the camera, but without displaying the image from camera. I understand that it sounds a little bit crazy. On newer Android phones, this permission is not needed anymore.

09.12.2021 5:25

How do I connect second camera?

To connect a second camera, just install the same application Security Camera CZ on another smartphone, start the app and log in using the same account as on your previous camera/monitor.
Your new camera will immediately appears on your monitor phone.

08.12.2021 20:16

I was wondering if there were cameras out there that would work with your application.

If you mean some third party cameras, like commercial IP cameras, then unfortunately not - this app only works with its own cameras that were created from old Android phones.

07.12.2021 23:15

I have 2 totally different Android phones set up as cameras. Both are ready to go with 100% battery. On my monitoring phone it shows both phones are plugged and charging but over a couple of days I watched as it said they still trickled down to 0% battery and shut off. To my surprise, I find both phones are still 100%, charging and showing as if they're transmitting. What is going on? Is it possible that a neighbor has the same app & our signals are getting crossed? I've never seen unknown footage, only these phantom draining battery stats. Or is it possible that this happened because of a weak WiFi signal?? Or a combo of both of those things? I do have weak coverage where the camera is located but I'll be fixing that soon.

I would guess that there must be something wrong with the charger or the cable. Especially USB cables are often weak parts of the charging system, so at first I would try to exchange the cable for a new one.
You can also check the logs from the camera. You can find there when the camera phone entered the discharging state. You can find the logs when you go to the camera settings and almost at the bottom there are "Event logs..." item.

08.12.2021 13:23

Just wanted you to know that the video portion of the camera is not working on my end.

If you cannot start the live feed, there will be most probably some problem with internet connection of the camera or the monitor phone. I would recommend restarting both camera and monitoring phone and if you can restart the Wi-Fi router. These steps usually help.

07.12.2021 11:59

The image is more and more overexposed to the point where it is completely white. It takes just a few days for it to become like this.
I can change camera to the front facing one, and the image is normal. Then change back to the rear camera again and it is normal.
The motion detection is obviously not working when the image has turned white, and it is a bit of a hassle to toggle the front/rear camera to see anything at my remote cabin.
The phone is a Google Nexus 4. I guess its camera needs to be reinitialized every now and then. Have you heard of this problem before?

I have to say that I have not heard about such a problem yet (and I have heard until now about many various problems :-) So I assume this must be something device specific, especially when the issue has appeared a few days ago.
Does some other camera application on the phone work normally? Did you try to restart the phone?

07.12.2021 9:34

It doesn't want to connect to the video most of the time and it Said my video one of my cell phone I use was being controlled by null and I couldn't get it to let me take back control over it and it does the same thing every time I turn that phone on to use.

If you cannot connect to the camera (most of the time), there will be most probably some problem with internet connection on the camera or monitor side. I would recommend restarting both camera and monitoring phone and if you can, restart the Wi-Fi router.

04.12.2021 12:33

Recently, I noticed that I could not connect to the camera for live viewing. However, push notifications come through normally and photos can be viewed. When I try to enable live viewing, the message says: "Oops, connection problem!" At the same time, all settings and other data work well remotely!

Did you try to restart the "monitor" phone? The extreme solution, but which will solve the issue, is to reinstall the application on your monitor phone.

04.12.2021 7:28

How do I use this cell phone as a monitor?

To change the mode, simply choose "Sign out" from the main menu. You will be taken to the welcome screen, where you can sign in again and choose the mode you want.

03.12.2021 17:38

Camera is not connecting.

If you cannot connect to your camera, there will be most probably some problem with internet connection of the monitor or the camera phone. I would recommend restarting both the camera and the monitor phone and if you can, restarting the Wi-Fi router. This usually helps.

02.12.2021 23:00

I have turned data saver off and seems to work better. Is the app supposed to work without internet connection?

Yes, the app can also work even without internet connection. When a camera phone is not connected to Internet, it buffers all detected motions and flushes them to your "monitor" phone as soon as it gains Internet connection again.

02.12.2021 18:52

Is there a way to reduce the time between shots taken in motion detection mode? Currently is at 2 seconds, I would like to have 0.5 seconds or something like that.

This application records detected motion as a series of still images in high resolution. The smartphone usually cannot continuously take more than one shot per 2 seconds, so the time interval cannot be reduced.

02.12.2021 10:57

Why the camera will not turn on or turns itself off please?

The camera should not turn itself off. If it does, first try to restart the application on the "monitor" phone (close the app, remove it from the list of apps running on the background and start the app again).
If it does not help, there will be probably some problem with internet connection on the camera side - restart the camera phone and if you can the Wi-Fi router.

01.12.2021 19:39

I am trying to view what the camera is recording and it is not possible

Is the motion detection turned on? You can recognize that a small yellow icon of motion detection turns on the motion detection in the top left corner of the camera preview image. Then all images with some motion should be available.

01.12.2021 18:02

I want to recover all my videos since I started using the app.

I am afraid that the recordings that you do not see on your viewer (monitor) anymore cannot be recovered.
The system keeps history of 15 days with motion detection and older recording is automatically deleted and cannot be recovered.
The only solution is to set up the camera to store the recordings to your Google Drive.

01.12.2021 15:12

How to fix “Can't access image sensor” on this application, from a distance. I am tired of restarting the CCTV HP repeatedly.

If you get this error message and your camera is on Android 11, please check that you do not close the application on the camera phone. Keep the application on the camera phone on the display. On Android 11, this is very important.
If your camera is on lower Android system and you get this error, it means that there is probably some problem with the camera chip. Try to restart the camera phone to see if the error appears again.

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