Security Camera CZ

31.10.2021 18:44

I can't install the app on another phone.

Please check if the phone to which you want to install the application is Android phone version at least 4.1 (or newer). Then, if the installation fails, try to restart the phone.

30.10.2021 10:12

How to set the camera to save recordings as video and not as photos.

This application is the only one on the Google Play store that records detected motions as a series of still images in high resolution. It cannot record videos like other apps. But if you need video, you can switch to any other similar security app, there are many of them on Google Play store.

27.10.2021 22:04

I cannot get it to sound an alarm whenever motion is detected.

The siren should work well as far as I know, I don't get any complaints from other users. Are you sure the siren is turned on? Is the speaker on the camera phone in good condition (I mean if it can play sounds at all)?

27.10.2021 15:35

Thank you for your response; please be advised that I stated clearly in my communication that "after turning the camera off it was turn back on all by itself within a minute or two without a command from me" and not the other way around where it turn itself off.

The camera shouldn't turn itself on, but technically speaking, it very rarely happens in situation when you send several commands to the camera, for instance: turn off, turn on, turn off. When there is some communication problem, it can rarely happen that the camera receives the "turn on" command as the last one. In this case, the camera can turn on "by itself", because it received the "turn on" command. But this is very exceptional case and normally it shouldn't happen.

24.10.2021 7:38

How do I recognize if the camera is recording?

You can recognize that the motion detection on your camera is currently running by a small yellow icon in the top left corner of the preview image. If there is no icon, nothing happens. There can be also yellow icons "house", "clock" or "camera". If you need to know more about these icons, please let me know.

22.10.2021 19:14

The motion detection described is already very helpful and has a great solution that you can hide certain areas. What I also find very positive is that you can switch the camera on and off remotely, so it consumes almost no energy and can be used for a very long time with one battery charge.
Nevertheless, it would be very helpful if you could start and stop video and image recording remotely from the monitor device, whereby the recordings should be saved in full resolution on the camera device and, in order to save bandwidth, the display on the monitor in low resolution would be sufficient.
For example, I occasionally watch from a distance what my dog is doing at home and sometimes it would be nice to be able to start a recording - with the motion detection switched on, recordings would be saved continuously.
Perhaps I may give you a hint: The camera can be switched on via an on/off symbol under the monitor image; if you want to switch it off at this point as usual, the high-resolution preview image is shown instead (the on/off switch changed to a camera symbol after it was switched on). Instead, the settings menu has to be called up from where the camera can then be switched off - this confused me a bit at first - maybe other users feel the same way.
Otherwise a great app - I am very satisfied with it, it would be the best of course, if there was a possibility to start and stop recordings manually from the monitor device.

Concerning start/stop of the camera - there is another quick possibility to start/stop the camera without going to the settings: you can swipe over the main preview image left or right. This gesture turns the camera on or off, depending on the context.
The next version will also have a possibility to place a small "widget" on the screen of your "monitor" phone. This widget has simple start/stop buttons, which turn motion detection on/off.

22.10.2021 14:39

Hello I want to purchase the license but could you please upgrade the app and add picture/option deletion without having to log out of the system? I have over 300 pictures here and I hate to have them manually deleted! I need select all automatic option so that way I can select all pics and have them deleted with the just few clicks!!

You can delete more pictures very quickly if you double long press on a picture -> then the whole bundle of images will be marked automatically and you can delete them using the trash icon. You can also long press on a day title to mark all pictures of that day and then delete them at once.

21.10.2021 17:26

What I personally would find very helpful would be the ability to manually trigger a video recording and a photo recording from the monitor device, which are then saved in full resolution on the camera device. Due to the limited bandwidth, the video / photo transmission to the monitor device provided for this is not practicable in my case.

Currently when there is some motion detection, the camera sends to you a picture in very low resolution to spare bandwidth. The full resolution image is stored at the camera device and is available upon a request.

21.10.2021 14:47

If I click on camera, it is not streaming. Previously it was streaming. Suddenly it stopped. If I click on camera it will load till 50% and stops and does not stream. Can you please check that?

If the progress bar loads only till 50% it means that the monitor is waiting for a response from the camera. Please first try to restart the app on the monitor phone (close the app, remove it from the list of backgrounded apps and start it again). If it doesn't help, then check internet connection on the camera phone (I would recommend to restart the camera phone as well). This should help.

20.10.2021 3:15

How do I keep the camera running if device is using my Bluetooth internet? If I leave the device will not have internet to run? How do I keep it at least still recording so when I do come back I can still see videos or photos of when I was gone?

If I understand well, your camera phone is connected to the Internet using a Bluetooth connection? That is ok. If the camera loses the Bluetooth connection, it also loses access to the Internet and then the camera stops sending you notifications about detected alarms. But the camera still detects motions and stores them locally, so the camera still runs even if the Internet connection is lost. The camera will send you all "buffered" alarms as soon as it is connected to Bluetooth/Internet again.

20.10.2021 1:07

It is a very good application. But now I can't access the "settings menu". What can I do to fix it?

If you cannot access the "Settings" menu, this is probably because the camera if in "offline" state, isn't it? You can recognize the online/offline state by colored red/green strip on the left side of the main camera panel. As soon as the camera will be back online, the settings menu will be available again.

19.10.2021 12:59

Just wondering what the Bluetooth symbol is for on the live feed view?

The Bluetooth symbol appears when you have a Bluetooth device (for instance headphones) connected to the phone. Using the button, you can mute the sound from the camera. But I will remove this button soon and replace it with something else (probably Cast button) - this button lost its sense, because you can mute sound from the camera using standard volume buttons as well.

17.10.2021 18:25

Where are the photos? There are no folders labeled Security or CZ internal or on SD. Also not in images. Please give me a clue.

The camera part of the application stores images primarily on SD card; if there are none SD card, then it stores images to Internal memory. The location is:
(Internal memory or SD card) / Android / data / cz.scamera.securitycamera / files / Pictures

17.10.2021 12:22

What does mean the button “Pause detection for 30 minutes”?

When you hit the button "Pause for 30 minutes", then the motion detection is cease and starts again after 30 minutes. This button can be useful when you want to quickly skip something that happens in the detection area and you don't want to have hundreds photos of that action.

16.10.2021 19:10

Why does the movement detection turn off by itself sometimes?

The only way, when the motion detection stops by "itself" is when there is fired more than 3000 images per day, which is a day limit. You can read more about the day limit here (section "Limits").
Btw. you should receive a warning about this limit when the camera fires 2000 images.

13.10.2021 20:12

We have a camera device that for some reason has stopped working. We have the option of making 45 km (30 miles) by car to where the camera is to restart it. But is there any chance of restarting remotely somehow, or knowing why this happens? Camera just doesn't respond at all. Camera device has a working 3G connection. It is not the first time it happens, but it is not usual. I cannot either see the logs remotely.

I would try to restart the app on the monitor phone: close the app on the monitor phone, swipe it off the list of apps running on the background and start it again. If it doesn't help I am afraid that this problem cannot be solved remotely - if the camera doesn't respond, it lost access to the Internet, or the app on the camera phone died for some reason or the phone died.

11.10.2021 12:49

I have installed Security Camera CZ. It gets this error saying '' Cannot access the camera on this device''

This error message appears when the application on the camera phone cannot access the camera (the image sensor). This happens when, for instance, another app accesses the sensor (because only one app can access it at a moment). Please check, if there isn't any other app running which access the camera (for instance another security app). The error can also appear when the phone's electronics is already a little bit tired and the image sensor freezes (unfortunately only hard restart of the camera phone helps in this situation).

10.10.2021 17:28

I can't log in at all, not even with a new account.

In case you cannot log in, please try to restart the phone - it usually helps.

08.10.2021 21:45

Is there a way to retrieve recordings I thought were saved but no longer on my cell phone? And are they severable?

When the camera detects a motion, it captures images and sends them to your "monitor" phone. The monitor phone keeps the images for a period of 15 days (30 days in the paid version), or until they are manually deleted. The camera also deletes old images if there is no free room in the camera phone, so when the camera needs to store new images, but has no free room, it deletes the oldest images in order to make some space.
If some images are deleted, then there is no way how to "undelete" these images.

07.10.2021 12:55

I have a stable Internet and I have to restart the camera mobile approx. 2 times a day, and that mobile is only running as a camera; nothing else is running on that one. Now tell, is there an option somewhere in the app settings so I don't have to "restart" the viewing mobile every 10th minutes?

If the camera phone has to be restarted so often (approx. 2 times a day), then the phones definitely isn't in good condition. Even if it seems that the Security Camera CZ is the only app running, there can be many apps that runs on the background which causes the phone to be slow and unresponsive. The best solution to this is to make a factory reset of the phone, which cleans everything, so the phone is like a new. Attention - the factory reset clears _everything_ from the phone, so if you have any data in the phone, it is necessary to back up them first before you make the factory reset.
You wrote that you also have to restart the viewing mobile every 10 minutes? Why do you need to do that? The app freezes or is unresponsive? Do You restart the whole phone or only the app?

07.10.2021 12:14

The problem happens when I share the Internet connection on the camera phone. Apparently the Internet provider (Movistar) closes the port used by Security Camera CZ. Can I change the port?

The application typically uses port 5228 and 443, but it sometimes also uses 5229 and 5230. Unfortunately, these ports cannot be changed.

06.10.2021 2:17

The app continuously says cannot access image sensor.

Please let the application stay on the display of the camera phone. Do not close the app on the camera - the app has its own screen saver to save energy. On Android 11 there are new security rules that prohibits access to the camera (sensor) when the app isn't started manually by a human. Keeping the app on the screen prevents losing an access to the camera sensor.

05.10.2021 20:19

It does not work, I mean that the orientation is wrong.

If I understand well, you have wrong orientation of the image from the camera? The image has wrong orientation? The most common cause of this problem is a malfunction of the rotation sensor in the camera phone. Please check some other application on the camera phone if it is being shown in good or wrong orientation, then please let me know.

04.10.2021 23:58

Everything was fine until I had a power outage. Now 1 of 2 cell phones with the same app ignores the "turn off when nearby". I deleted the application and reinstalled it, but it still keeps sending notifications. Is there a solution?

On your monitor phone: turn off the "nearby" function of that camera (and press the back button to save new settings to the camera), wait 15 seconds and then turn the "nearby" back on. Please note that the nearby detection is sometimes slower, especially on modern Android phones that spare battery energy as much as possible and may detect the position with a significant delay.

04.10.2021 10:25

I have just purchased this app and I would like your confirmation that the camera switches to mobile network if it's out of range of WiFi. Or does it connect to monitor via Bluetooth if it is in range? I ask this because I ran out of credit on my pay as you go SIM on the camera phone.

I confirm that the camera switches to mobile network if it's out of range of WiFi. Camera doesn't connect directly to monitor via Bluetooth, camera always need some Internet connection. The data transfer from camera isn't big, unless you watch a live feed, which is (like every video stream) heavy on data.

03.10.2021 8:42

I live in South Africa and we have frequent data signal loss. It happened that the past 3 days I have no data connection. This means that my security camera is useless. If I activate it on the camera phone I cannot do any settings which results in many false alarms. To get some sleep I had to switch it off.
Why can't I have connection between my monitor phone and camera phone when both are in WiFi range? Without internet connection?

The system cannot with direct connection between devices, because it uses background internet servers for authentication, signaling and much more. For instance, the connection between camera and monitor has to be verified that the monitor is authorized to access the camera. This is important to prevent an unauthorized access to the camera.

02.10.2021 15:57

Hi, I'm wondering if I can put off the sound of my camera so that my friends don't hear us all time. But can see what is going on.

In current version the sound can be disabled when you go to the camera settings – Advanced - Live feed options.

01.10.2021 17:53

How do I connect more than three cameras?

That shouldn't be a problem - I have about 12 cameras. The number of cameras you can have on one account isn't limited. Just install the app on another smartphone, login using the same account as on your previous phones and choose the CAMERA mode.

01.10.2021 3:23

I was setting up my account and I set up both devices in my account as the monitor instead of a camera and the monitor. How can I reset my settings to be able to connect to the camera without deleting my account?

To change from monitor to camera, simply logout (go to the main menu using the three dashes icon in the top left corner on the main screen, choose Log out), then log in again and select the camera mode (or any mode you need).

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