Security Camera CZ

Smart Home

You can connect your cameras to your Smart Home system and control them using Google Assistant and related products, like Google Home speaker. When you add cameras to the Home system, you can use the Home system to control motion detection and watch a live feed on your TV via Chromecast, Nest display and related products.

How to control your camera

To start/stop motion detection, say "Ok, Google, start my camera" or "Ok, Google, stop my camera".
If you have more cameras, say "Ok, Google, start my camera Kitchen" to start your camera named "Kitchen".

To start/stop streaming the live feed on your Chromecast device, say "Ok, Google, start streaming my camera on Chromecast" or "Ok, Google, stop streaming my camera".
Streaming currently works only when your Chromecast device and the camera are on the same Wi-Fi.

Connecting your camera with your current Google Home

To connect your camera with your Google Home system, start the Home application on your personal smartphone.

1) Click on the "plus" sign.

2) Choose "Set up device".

3) Choose "Works with Google".

4) You'll get the list of all available services that can work with Google Home. To find Security Camera CZ, click on the "search" tool.

5) Type "security camera cz" and select the "Security Camera CZ" item.

6) If you get this error message, don't worry and repeat step 5.

7) Select the same account as you have on your camera.

8) You should finish with the "Success" message.

9) Press the "Back" button twice and your camera should appear on the list of connected devices.

Now you can try the "Ok Google…" commands described at the beginning of this help page.

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