Security Camera CZ

18.06.2019 1:25

I purchased the application for 1 year, but I am still seeing ads on my monitoring device. Can you please advise on what to do? Many thanks.

I see your purchase in the system, so everything should be ok. Do you still see ads after reopening the app? You must be online for the app to load a new status...

Ads are gone after reopening the app. Thank you.

16.06.2019 11:57

It should be possible to mute/unmute shared camera. Currently I can only delete it, but I cannot mute messages from it.

On Android Oreo and newer phones, you can mute/unmute cameras selectively, because it is supported by the modern Android system itself. But I see you have phones which are pre-Oreo. Unfortunately, this functionality (to mute/unmute shared cameras) isn't available yet. I am putting this on my must-to-do list, so it will be available in the future.

This functionality has been added and is available since version 1.7.0.

12.06.2019 15:05

We have a pet that we use camera when we are away from home. My question is if I can share the same video camera with my spouse so she can also check up on our pet. Any info is appreciated and very great app. I tell everyone about your app.

Of course you can share your camera with your spouse: On your monitor device go to camera settings, choose "Sharing overview", hit the rounded yellow "plus" button and send an invitation to your spouse. Then, when she clicks the link you sent her, she will be asked to download the app, and then she will see your camera you share with her. The person who you share your camera with cannot change any camera settings, but can see all images and also can watch live video.
Best regards, Daniel

It doesn't send a link, just a Privacy terms and overview of the app. I sent the invitation using a text message. And she has an iPhone, I have an Android.

That is it. I currently support the app only on Android, it is not available for iPhones yet. Sorry for that. Soon the app will be also available as a web application, so this will be the nearest solution for iPhones.

12.06.2019 19:17

Where can I watch my videos?

You can find your recorded videos in the standard Video folder on your monitor device (you can also run any video player, which will find your recordings automatically). Please note that this application records motions only as still images. But you can record video after connecting to your camera and then by pressing the record button.

10.06.2019 20:19

I've been using your app for a while now, and I think it is a great app. I've never had an issue until now where I cannot access the camera, a warning comes up on the camera device saying 'Oops! Problem with connection'. It is connected to the Wi-Fi, detects motion, and can remotely be turned on and off, just cannot access a live view from the monitor's device.

This message appears when a monitor device fails in sending standard network request to a background server - it is similar to an error after failure in loading a web page. There is most probably some internet connectivity issue on your monitor device. Please would you check it - for instance try to connect with a different way - change from mobile to Wi-Fi or vice versa.
Please let me know if it doesn't help.

Unfortunately, I cannot use a network connection for the monitor device. I tried turning off the firewall setting on the router, this did not work. Do you have any suggestions? Or is it an ISP issue?

If you are able to remotely manage your camera, you are successfully sending network requests. So there isn't a firewall or provider problem. On the other side, when monitor is connecting remotely to a camera, it needs to send about 5 to 10 network requests and all of them must succeed. So, I guess, your monitor connectivity isn't stable for some reason - some requests are ok and some of them are not.
I've checked the app's network traffic from your device and it successfully sends a lot of requests for live video, but probably not all of them.
If you cannot change a network connection right now (maybe it's a silly advice, but it isn't against anything) would you try to reinstall the app on your monitor device? All your data will stay untouched.

10.06.2019 17:30

Is it possible to add a second camera into the running security camera's system?

Yes, of course. Just install the app on another phone (or tablet) and log in with the same credentials. All your devices where you log in to the app with the same credentials will cooperate in one system.

10.06.2019 8:25

I found that the "nearby" detection does not clear at all or is cleared after very long time. It stays on even if I am far away.

The "nearby" function uses standard Android mechanism for detecting your presence in some area (i.e. when you are close to your camera). Unfortunately, this service has a little latency. As Google notices:

Alerts can be late. The geofence service doesn't continuously query for location, so expect some latency when receiving alerts. Usually the latency is less than 2 minutes, even less when the device has been moving. If Background Location Limits are in effect, the latency is about 2-3 minutes on average. If the device has been stationary for a significant period of time, the latency may increase (up to 6 minutes).

Do you think this corresponds with your experiences?

08.06.2019 22:43

While the app has some functions that others do not have, it is not entirely easy to know when motion detection is activated. And when the movement is detected, its notification has an important delay.

In the next release I plan to add a small icon that will indicate the current status of motion detection - if it is on or off.
Notifications speed depends on standard Android mechanism, like all other notifications. They can be a little bit delayed if you have a poor signal on your monitor device or if the device is in sleep mode.

This functionality has been added in version 1.7.0.

07.06.2019 22:41

I keep getting this when I try to access my cameras... "Fatal error: PeerConnectionFactory.initialize was not called before creating a PeerConnection".

This is a very unusual error message that should not appear, or very exceptionally. So this issue is probably related to your monitor device. Please would you try to reinstall the app on your monitor device (the device where you get the error)? Even better, log out before uninstallation and install it from Google Play again. All your data will stay untouched. Please let me know if it helped.

06.06.2019 17:48

Congratulations for your excellent application. I would like to ask if there is a version where an SMTP message is sent over a motion event.

I have decided not to send SMTP messages on motion events, because sometimes there can be a lot of events of this kind and probably no one wants to receive so many SMTP messages. Instead, normal notifications are sent, and you can configure notifications to beep/sound only once per minute, 5 minutes etc. Please let me know if you see any example where SMTP messages would be necessary.

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