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28.02.2019 19:49

Is there any way to lock the screen so no one, except myself, can change the camera's settings?

You probably mean a screen lock on the camera device. On the camera, when the app is running, just hit OK and the app will run in the background. Then go to Settings of your device, Security, and set up any screen lock you want - PIN, gesture, fingerprint etc.

25.02.2019 11:23

What do you use my account for?

Your account is used just as your unique identifier for the app - all cameras and monitors will be grouped together by your account. Nothing is stored to your Google account which you used for login. Images in small resolution are stored in the app's private cloud storage (hosted by Google).
Also, starting with version 1.5, no Google account is required for login to the app anymore. You can use just email/password combination to create an account in the app. Alternatively, you can log in using Facebook account. What was said for Google account is also valid for a Facebook account - nothing is stored or posted to Facebook using the account.

20.02.2019 10:53

I want to set up a camera using mobile data, without Wi-Fi. Also, I would like to store images on Google drive. Is it possible?

Setting a camera to work over mobile data is not a problem. Just turn off Wi-Fi on the camera device. The app needs access to Internet, regardless of type of connection, it can be cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
Concerning storing frames on your own Google drive is a little bit problem. The storage for images is hardcoded in the app: images are stored in commercial Google cloud. The main reason for this is that not everybody has his/her own Google drive (or just doesn't want to use a Google account to log in to the app).

18.02.2019 12:43

It seems that recorded video is not readable by any program. How can I fix it?

It really seems that recorded video does not play in VLC Player (for instance). I have just tested several media players and all of them work well. All of these work:
HD Video Player:
FX Player:
Google Photos:

12.02.2019 12:43

How can I activate the function "Turn off motion detection when I am nearby my camera"?

The camera must have at least version 1.6.0 of the app. Then just open the application on your camera device and grant both location permissions you will be asked for.

12.02.2019 8:01

Can you add an option to use Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi? I need to use your security camera application at a place where I do not have Wi-Fi signal.

The application should work on Bluetooth connection as well. It doesn't check connection type, it only needs (any) internet connection. So if your Bluetooth provides internet connection, it will work.

10.02.2019 18:06

Is it possible in the future to have more shots per second in motion recording?

The frame rate is currently set to 2 seconds per image. Besides this, it is also limited by device's camera hardware. Some older devices cannot make still pictures faster than once per 3 seconds. Newer and faster devices can make pictures faster, but no more than let's say 1 per second. Also, for several reasons, one image per second is the limit for this app.
I am afraid, that if you need a (much) better frame rate, you have to switch to another security camera application on the market. Most of them (if not all) take short videos instead of still images, so they have video frame rate at least 15 images per second.

10.02.2019 16:52

Hello, is it possible to add camera rotation options by 90 degrees? I would like the phone that serves as a camera to operate in a vertical position.

Currently the application supports only landscape mode. This is because I didn't figure out any reasonable way how to display images in portrait (higher than wider) format. In full size, they would take up the whole screen. If I make them fit into a smaller box with black bars on left and right sides, they would be very small. By the way, starting with version 1.6.0, the camera has a small hysteresis: when you put your camera phone in portrait position, the picture will not (at least) flip from normal to upside down position (which was a problem until now for people who use this app in portrait mode).

02.02.2019 12:01

How does this application work?

To enjoy this Security Camera application, you need 2 Android devices (phones or tablet). One device is your own phone and the second is probably some old device. Install this app on both devices and log in with the same account. Set up one (the old) device as a camera and the second device (your own phone) as a monitor. Then you can watch on your phone (monitor) what is going on in front of the camera. You will be notified when something moves in front of the camera (motion detection), you can watch on-line video, view history of motions... There are many possibilities.

28.01.2019 15:07

Starting from today, I see a message "can't access image sensor" on my camera device. How can I solve it?

This error message means that the app has a problem accessing a camera chip on the device. This can be caused by a singular error or, if this happens more often, by "tired" electronics of the device. You can try to turn the camera off remotely (go to camera settings - Turn on | off | delete - Turn off camera), wait a little bit and start the camera again. If this does not help, hard restart of the camera is needed.
If this problem would appear more often, I am afraid that the camera related hardware of this particular device is gone (which I hope is not the case).

25.01.2019 20:04

First of all, thanks for the app, it is very nice. Although I would like to know what is the status of the battery, and I cannot see it since yesterday. I could not find any other option to see it.

Thank you. Status of the battery is shown only if the battery is in any other status than "full and connected to power". So when everything is OK, battery status is not shown.

19.01.2019 22:55

I have a problem with logging into the app. The welcome screen gives me a message that login was unsuccessful.

If you have problem to log in on a device, please try to fix this by restarting the device. This issue can sometimes happen after updating Google Play Services. Restart of the device should help.

16.01.2019 15:47

Please check what happens if the camera and the viewer are in different time zones. Let's say when the viewer is 6 hours ahead.

The scheduler was designed to use the camera's time and time zone. It seems to me to be more logical, because if you travel with the monitor device, the camera's scheduling times don't change. So the app does not care about current monitor's time zone. Do you see any issue in this concept or in its implementation?

It is good that the application works with camera's local time Just monitor informs me that camera is off while it should be on. Please check monitor logic when it prints current on or off scheduler state. It seems to me that monitor uses its local time to show this info. And show actual local time in camera info!

Indeed, the current logic is wrong. It has been fixed.
Also "About camera" screen now shows camera's local time.

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