Security Camera CZ

30.07.2021 10:49

When does my subscription expire?

You can check the date when you go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner) and choose "Buy...". The date is noted there. If you made a purchase, it was just a one-time purchase. It is not a subscription so it is not automatically renewed.

29.07.2021 6:59

I've been using your app recently and I really like all of the features that it has. However, I was just wondering if there was a way to record a video rather than have the video be prompted by movement. Also, I was just wondering if there was a way to have video played back in full quality and not in frames and images.

As noted on Google Play store, this app records detected movements as a series of still images in high resolution and not as short videos as all other similar apps. I just wanted to create something a little bit different (and no other app records hi-res images). At least, now can everybody choose between different approaches :-)
You can watch live feed and record the live feed if you want.

27.07.2021 9:22

We need APPLE version of your software!

If you need just to watch your cameras on IOS, you can use a web version of the app which is available at https:/

26.07.2021 16:22

It is now several weeks that I can no longer log into my live camera from outside my home Network. I have not changed anything in my setting nor did I change my mobile or provider. Hence, it is still possible for me to log into the application and even get to see the shots made by the cameras. The app is trying to connect, but after a short period it closes the window – no error message is shown. Is it maybe a known technical issue?

If you didn't change anything in the settings, provider etc., then the connection should work (I also didn't change anything). Please try to restart both the camera and the monitor phones. Also restart the WiFi router if you can. I hope this will help. If not, please let me know.

25.07.2021 8:22

I cannot find Security Camera CZ application in the Google Play store with my old cell phone.

If you cannot find the application on the Google Play store, then the Android device which you use has older system then is Android 4.1? This application can be installed only on Android version 4.1 and newer.

24.07.2021 22:37

Can I use my tablet as a monitor with my phone?

Yes, you can use any Android device as a monitor. Tablets work pretty fine.

23.07.2021 13:55

I set up Security Cam CZ some time ago and after unfortunate events camera moved a bit. Day was windy motion was detected from the trees and I didn't notice I hit the 3000 pic threshold until next day. After that I haven’t been able to connect to camera anymore, on viewer there's "power on" button but it does nothing. Camera itself shows preview ok. What should I do to get camera working again or am I permanently banned from using this app?

You are definitely not "banned" from using the app. The limit of max 3000 images is a day limit. The next day (at midnight) it is cleared and the camera works again. I notice this limit in FAQs here (please list to the "Limits and quotas" section).

19.07.2021 18:33

Have found the download button and checked out the hi-res image info. My problem is that the camera setting for shutter speed is too fast (1/244 sec) so there is no appreciable smearing of the moving object. Do you know of a way to set this manually, even if that might be outside the app?

I am afraid that this cannot be set up manually. The shutter speed is normally set individually for each taken picture, so there isn't any "global" setting for this... The only way would be that the application supports manual shutter speed settings, which it unfortunately doesn't. I am sorry for that.

19.07.2021 9:52

I want to try your application, but I have Vivo v9 which is not working with your application. Can you give some help or advice?

The application should work on all phones as far as I know. What exactly doesn't work on the Vivo phone? Sometimes, when the phone is old and full of old applications, it helps when you make a factory reset of the phone. But be careful, because factory reset clears everything from that phone so be sure that you back up you phone first.

17.07.2021 16:57

I want to delete my account, can you tell me how to do it?

Just go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner of the main screen) and choose Logout. Then mark the "Delete account" check box.
In case if this doesn't work, please 1) log out 2) log in again 3) within 3 minutes log out again and this time check the "Delete account". This will definitely work.

16.07.2021 21:29

How can I turn off motion detection? The camera turns on automatically.

If you turn off the motion detection from the camera settings, the gear icon will rotate a while, until the new settings is written to the camera. If the gear icon rotates a longer (20 seconds or so), the new settings cannot be stored to the camera, for instance because there's weak connection. Please check the connection to the camera by restarting the camera phone.
Also, it is possible that there's some mess between the phones. Then, I would recommend to uninstall the app from the camera phone and install it again. This will definitely help.

16.07.2021 20:26

Not turning on the camera, what now? Activates the device as a monitor but does not connect.

May be, if you switched between monitor and camera several times on one phone, I would try to uninstall everything and start again from a scratch. I am almost sure it helps.

16.07.2021 7:12

One of my cameras named good LG has a sound issue that is a lot of crackling and popping and then it just automatically kicks me off

This is very strange; I haven't heard about such an issue yet. When you watch the live feed, the video picture is good? Only the sound is crackling?

14.07.2021 11:38

How to connect other camera phone?

You can add another phone if you install the same application Security Camera CZ on this phone and log in using the same account as you used on the first phone. That is all, if you do this, the phone will be automatically added to your home system.

13.07.2021 9:40

Hi, I just noticed that sound notification is missing when there are some movement.

Please check notifications in the settings - go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner) and choose "Notifications". Please check all the settings, especially the notification period.
Also check if the volume on your phone is up. I see on the screenshot you sent me that there is an icon on the notification bar indicating that you the phone is muted (only vibrations are set up). Isn't it the problem? Can you hear notification sound from other apps?
It must be something in the settings... All other apps on your phone are OK?

12.07.2021 17:35

The WiFi connection always works fine. Recently, however, when using data, it takes a very long time to establish a connection, then it is aborted and only a current image is saved, but no live stream is possible.

Concerning connection on cellular network (mobile data), there this can be cause by several things
1) Your operator doesn't provide IPv4 network; instead, he provides only the new IPv6 network. Unfortunately, the app isn't compatible with IPv6 at current version. This will be fixed in the next version. You can recognize the network type if you go to the phone settings -> about a phone -> status info -> IP address. If the IP address looks like, then it is IPv4. If the IP address looks like fe80::abcd:1234:ef56:78ab, then it is IPv6.
2) If your phone is on IPv4 and you cannot connect to your camera to watch live feed, there may be some data saving application on the "monitor" phone or some kind of firewall that blocks the connection. Please try to check your phone for such a "blocking" app. Unfortunately, I cannot give you better advice in this situation.
3) Also ensure that you have 3G or better connection. The older 2G (Edge, GPRS) are too slow to provide video stream.

09.07.2021 11:13

How to add a second viewer on one camera, but with another email account?

If you need to watch your camera using another account (email), the only option is to share your camera with that account. Simply go to the camera settings -> Sharing overview, hit the "+" button and send invitation anywhere you want. Whoever opens this "invitation link", he/she gets access to your camera using his/her own account.

08.07.2021 12:28

How do I download the app on my laptop it's a Lenovo thinkpad?

This application is currently available only for Android phones (it is available only in Google Play store). On your laptop, you can use the web version (please note that it is still in beta version) at then click on "Web monitor (beta)".

08.07.2021 6:22

I didn't understand exactly what I have to do to enable/disable motion detection without restarting the phone? I complete with the following: I use two phones with Android 4.4 as cameras and one phone with Android 11 as a monitor. When I want to enter the range of action of the two cameras, I have to turn off motion detection in order not to be recorded. I mention that I use a GSM 4G card and unnecessary recordings consume my internet traffic. Is there another possibility to turn off the cameras temporarily, obviously from the phone used as a monitor?

You have several options:
1) Turn on the function "Stop motion detection when I am nearby my camera". The function is called "Nearby" and you can find it in camera settings.
2) Use week scheduler which can turn motion detection on/off automatically in specific time.
3) To quickly turn the camera on/off, just use a gesture: swipe left/right over the camera preview image.

06.07.2021 11:30

Why is there no security for this app?

I do my best to keep this application and all users as secure as possible. As I write in the FAQs:
Security and privacy of users' data is one of the highest priority in the app's concept. Current world is highly technical and security solutions are complicated. For this reason, we decided not to solve security by ourselves and instead to rely on ready-made security solution of Google, which we believe is the world's leader in commercial security and engages the best brains in the world. So your data are secured similarly to your data in Gmail account or any other product from Google. Furthermore:
All data and information you send over Internet (or are sent by the app) are encrypted by current standard https crypto protocol.
Images from your motion detections are securely stored and encrypted in Google cloud (btw. only low resolution images about 0,3 MPx are stored).
Access to these images is protected by standard Google security system, i.e. the same like for an access to Gmail or Google Cloud.
Nevertheless, do not forget to physically protect your camera device itself, because all data are stored in the camera as well. It is important to set up screen lock, pin code or gesture. When someone even physically steal the camera from you, your data/images will be safe.
Please do not hesitate to ask any question about security, it is very important for me.

04.07.2021 22:26

Please give me a list of all IMEI numbers on my account.

This app doesn't collect IMEI numbers from phones (otherwise this would be noted in the "Privacy" document

04.07.2021 4:12

I bought a paid version, but the video doesn’t shoot without interruption. I don’t understand what is the difference between paid and free?

The main difference is:
- the paid version doesn't show ads,
- the live video plays 30 minutes without interruption (only 10 minutes in free version)
- history of detected motion is prolonged to 30 days (15 in free version).
All other functions are the same. If you face some problems with the live video, for instance when the camera disconnects after some time, or you cannot connect to the camera at all, there will be most probably some problem with internet connection. I would recommend to restart both the camera and the monitor phone and also restart the WiFi router, if possible. This usually helps.

03.07.2021 11:12

I am facing problem with disconnecting live video after some specific time. I connect with monitor but it is not working well. If I buy PRO version of this application will it work better?

If you have troubles with connecting to your camera or when the camera disconnects after some time, there will be most probably some problem with internet connection of the camera or monitor phones. I would recommend to restart them both (camera AND monitor phones) and also restart the WiFi router, just to be sure. This should help.
The "pro" version has the same functionality as the free version, but it doesn't show ads. Also in the pro version, the live feed isn't interrupted each 10 minutes, but each 30 minutes. Everything else is the same.

03.07.2021 3:36

How do I set my phone to monitor mode?

To switch your existing security camera phone to monitor, please go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner on the main screen) and choose "Logout...". You will be taken to the welcome screen, where you can log in again and choose the different mode.

02.07.2021 21:09

Why it takes so long to connect to the camera?

If it takes longer time to connect to your camera, it means that there is some network issue - I would recommend to start with restarting of both your camera and monitor phone and may be also the WiFi router. Try this first and if it doesn't help, please let me know.

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