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25.05.2019 9:33

Tell me, is it possible to record video when motion is detected and not take photos?

Concerning recording videos on motion detection - it is not possible, this app records still images. It is because all similar apps on the market record videos and I wanted to have something different. So now you can choose between this app of mine with still images and different apps with videos :-)

25.05.2019 6:44

I have a need for one of my camera cellphones to be in physical portrait position. Unfortunately, in your app, this makes the monitor tablet show the picture sideways. I have tried to fuss with the settings on both the monitor and camera phone to correct but to no avail. I noticed that in the Alfred cam app, the pic on the monitor is self-adjusting and always viewable whether or not the cameras are positioned in either vertical or horizontal plane. Can you tell me if there is a feature I missed? If not, please add it to your improvement list.

The app is really missing portrait mode. The only reason for this is that I didn't figure out any reasonable way how to display portrait pictures on monitor device. If you have any idea how to nicely show portrait pictures, please let me know, I will think about adding portrait mode in the future.

20.05.2019 20:33

I'm trying the app on two smartphones both Samsung with android 4.2.2. The app is interesting, because it has some features not present e.g. on Alfred Camera: possibility to exclude from the detection area a part of the area that could give false alarms, and also the sensitivity regulation (on Alfred there is, but it does not work). However, motion detection works once in ten, and sometimes the command to view the movie in real time requires an eternity before activating. The smartphone set as a camera is connected to the Wi-Fi, the one set as a viewer is on mobile data connection. But even by connecting them both to the same Wi-Fi line the problems persist. Is there a remedy?

From the symptoms you describe (the camera doesn't detect movements perfectly) I would guess there could be some problems with the hardware of the camera device. On some older devices the camera hardware doesn't work fluently and sometimes freezes. If this is the case, the camera takes pictures (and detects movements) very slowly. Also connecting to the camera can take a long time (normally you should be able to connect to the camera in 3-15 seconds). So if it is possible, try to use another phone as a camera and you will see if things go better. Anyway, I am here to help.

I would like to add further news that I hope will be useful. On Alfred camera with the smartphones already mentioned (Android 4.2.2) the detection of movement was excessive, but the sensitivity adjustment did not work. Therefore, the movement warnings were excessive in the presence of a breath of wind. So I would exclude a hardware problem, in my opinion.

Alfred (and all other security camera apps) uses a quite different approach for motion detection than this app. Alfred and others record continuous video and detect motion from the video. My app takes steady shots in high resolution permanently one by one and compares each shot with the previous one. This approach is a little bit more heavy for a camera device, so it is still possible that although some device works with Alfred, it can have a performance problem with my app. But I appreciate your idea!

18.05.2019 10:00

Both camera and monitor are version 1.6.8. The camera loses contact with camera, movie camera icon disappears, setup greys out and camera does not switch back on When I am on the same Wi-Fi as the camera and when I display the image on the camera, I get a notification on the monitor. Otherwise all contact with the camera is lost. I have unlimited broadband and movies etc. play normally without disruption.

I was thinking about your issue since I've received your email. Unfortunately, I didn't figure out any reason for this behavior. Please would you try to reinstall the app on your monitor device? All your images will stay untouched. Please let me know, if it doesn't help.

Reinstall action helped. It worked for a few hours and then dropped off and remained off.

19.05.2019 16:46

I would like to know how to delete images from the monitor device. I can delete them only one by one and it is very slow.

You can mark images by a long press (try it) and then hit the delete button to delete all marked images at once.
Try also a double long press - the whole bundle of images will be marked automatically.
If you long press on a day bar, then the whole day will be marked automatically.

18.05.2019 17:14

How can I observe the video recordings from my security camera? I'm missing that data.

You can find your video recordings in your standard Video folder on your phone (from which you have recorded). Or run your favorite movie player and it will show you your recordings automatically (because all videos are saved in the standard Video folder).

14.05.2019 15:30

How can I adjust the focus of the security camera?

The focus on a camera is set to auto-focus, so the camera focuses automatically on the object in the middle of the scene.

14.05.2019 14:03

I want to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Temperature units in the app are taken from the phone language settings. If your phone is set to one of these countries which use Fahrenheit, your temperature units appear as F: the United States and associated territories (Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands and Palau.
To change units to Celsius, please change language settings in your phone.

06.05.2019 18:05

Does this app support iOS devices?

Currently the app supports only Android devices. IOS devices have quite different programming language which I unfortunately cannot work with. If the app has more users in the future (and it earns some money), I will hire someone to create an iOS clone of the app.

06.05.2019 2:11

How can I view my cameras on my PC?

I am currently working on a web viewer, please be patient, it will be ready in a couple of weeks.

03.05.2019 6:34

The app appears to be recording. But I cannot figure out where the recordings are stored within the app. Are they stored on my phone through the app? Or are they stored in my email? I'm also having issues with deleting photos, I know I can delete them individually. Which is fine, however I want to delete all of them. But this feature does not seem to exist.

Recordings are saved in your "monitor" phone (the phone where you start recordings) in the common "Videos" folder. In your phone, there are common folders like Images, Videos, Downloads etc. So recordings are saved to the Videos folder.
You can delete more images at once: in the Motion alarms screen, when you long press on an image, it will be marked. You can mark as many images you want and then delete them using the delete button.
You can also long press on a day header - all images of that day will be marked automatically.
When you make a double long press on an image, the whole bundle of images will be marked. Try to play with a long press.

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