Security Camera CZ

31.08.2021 16:21

I need the application for android 2.3.3 since I have a Tablet and an old cell phone and I would like to turn it into a wireless doorbell.

I have to apologize, but the app works on Android 4.1 and newer. Android 4.1 is 9 years old. Android 2 is unsupported by Google for a long time, so it would be very difficult to write a software for it.

31.08.2021 2:12

Hello, my cameras keep being tampered with from the logs to the imagers. I tried restoring deleted pictures using a root kit and didn't really get anything... Where can I actually see a copy?

Pictures are stored in two copies - low resolution images are stored in private cloud (so you can look at them anytime from your monitor phone). High resolution images are stored in the camera phone, or, if you set it up, on your Google Drive. If your camera were tampered with by someone, it is almost impossible that the intruder could delete low resolution images on the private cloud. High resolution could be deleted by an intruder. The best way to protect your images is to set up your camera to store high resolution images on your Google Drive. Then there will nothing stored in the camera phone.

26.08.2021 23:41

It says to always have phone connected to a charger but then my phone temp starts getting up to 115 degrees!

Temperature of the battery is normally around 85 - 95°F (30 - 35°C). If your battery goes up to 115°F and more, there is definitely something wrong with the phone. Please stop using the phone!! It doesn't worth possible fire or so. Get rid of the phone and find another one.

26.08.2021 6:24

Please add auto reconnect with WiFi or mobile data when available. if sometime lost connection.

The reconnection routine should be maintained by the Android device itself. If you think the app needs to reconnect, please would you try to close the app, remove it from the list of backgrounded apps and start it again? Please let me know if it helps.

25.08.2021 17:31

I can turn on the camera remotely using my cell phone/monitor. But how can I turn them off?

To turn the camera off, you have several options:
(1) simply swipe over the camera preview image left or right
(2) go to the camera settings and almost at the bottom, there is an item "Turn on | off | delete"
(3) do not turn the camera off completely and instead only stop the motion detection. You can do that manually or use a scheduler or use the function "stop motion detection when I am nearby my camera".

25.08.2021 6:14

I want to ask about the limit of 3000 shots per day. So if delete those 3000 images in the same day, can the app continue to detect and record motions again or not?

Unfortunately, the limit of 3000 images is there even when you delete old images. The counter works regardless of delete images and only resets each day in midnight.

25.08.2021 3:04

Question, when I am watching the live cam, I can zoom in 4x but it zooms in to one area and I can’t figure out how to move around so I can see other parts of the live cam while in 4x. If you could let me know how to do that I would greatly appreciate it.

The feature you request is called "pan-tilt-zoom" when you can move the zoom to any part of the view. The application has this feature already implemented, but it works only on phones/cameras which natively support off-center zooming. Unfortunately, not all phones support this, even brand new phones. So if you have camera, where you cannot move the zoom using a finger left/right or top/down, then the camera doesn't support pan-tilt-zoom. Btw. you can use two fingers to zoom in/out, so you can get other zoom values, and not only 4x.

23.08.2021 21:38

Connection failure is occurring. My phone works as a monitor and I can't open the camera or turn off the camera monitoring. Nothing works. I have already uninstalled, installed again already restarted the phone, I've finished the session and I called again and it does not work.

If you have problems with the live stream and also with other communication with your camera (like turning the camera off), I would guess there will be some issue with internet connection. If you already tried to restart the "monitor" phone, try also restart your WiFi router. I hope that helps.

23.08.2021 13:15

Can this app work as a hidden app? And can you hide the icon of the app that appears in the notification tray?

This is app isn't really intended to be a hidden app. And yes, to do it, it would have to be a quite different app. Btw., on modern Android 11 or even 12 it is practically impossible to create a hidden app that can record images or video on the background. Google guys work constantly on preventing people from hiding apps.

22.08.2021 14:35

What is the free trial period?

This app is free endlessly, there isn't any trial period. The app lives from ads. If you don't like ads, you can pay a small amount.

22.08.2021 10:35

I would like to ask if there is a way to restore the application. I tried to install it several times and I also formatted the device but it always tells me "cannot access the image sensor".

If you get this error, it means that the application on the camera phone cannot access the camera (image) sensor. Please ensure that there isn't running any other application on the camera phone that uses the camera (because only one app can access the camera at the same time).
This error message appears sometimes on older phones whose electronics is already a little bit tired, so it fails time by time. If you get this error regularly, probably you will have to replace the camera phone for another one.

21.08.2021 7:32

I can't view the camera from my monitor phone or tablet when I'm out of range of the home WiFi. But all work well when I am connected to WiFi. It has previously worked and still does intermittently. I have shut down and restarted both cameras and both phone and tablet. I can access motion detection and can change settings on both cameras remotely.

The live video should work on any internet connection, both WiFi and mobile data. Don't you have any data saving application installed on your monitor phone? Something that could block the live media stream... Or some kind of firewall?

19.08.2021 4:57

We hope that the program will be in Arabic!

I am sorry, but the application wasn't translated to Arabic yet, because there are not many Arabian users yet. As soon as there will be more Arabic users, I will order the Arabian translation.

18.08.2021 12:36

I'm wondering if I pay for the application for a year, will the quality of the transmitted video be constant or, as before, after 3 hours it gets worse?

HD video quality is normally limited to 120 minutes per week (reset each Thursday night). With the purchase, the limit is prolonged to 240 minutes per week. Except that you will have no ads, the history of motion detection is prolonged from 15 to 30 days and the video isn't disturbed each 10 minutes with the "prolong" button.

16.08.2021 20:30

A day ago the camera turned off. I try to remotely turn it on but it is not possible. The phone is on and fully charged. Is there something else I can do?

If the camera doesn't respond to the "turn on" request, then it is not connected to the Internet or the device/phone closed the application for some reason. I am afraid that you cannot do anything else remotely at this moment. If the problem is only in Internet connection, the camera will appear online again when the Internet will be back again.

15.08.2021 3:16

I keep going through all the steps and my phone that I am using as the camera will not stay on therefore it will not record anyone coming in my apartment. How is this a security app when it won't even keep my phone from going to sleep mode?

The camera application definitely doesn't allow the phone to go to sleep. The camera app is running on the background and uses techniques that keeps the phone out of the sleep mode. Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep the camera application running on the top of the display (don't close the app on the camera phone and keep it on the display). The app has built in screensaver which saves power. Keeping the camera app on the top of the displays improves the app behavior and makes it more stable and reliable.

15.08.2021 0:17

I think there is a problem with compatibility of Android 5.0. When I tried to use my old phone (Android 5.0) as the monitor and my new phone (Android 10) as the camera, everything works smoothly. But of course, I have to use my old phone as the camera. And then problems start occurring. It works unstable on my old phone.
* I couldn't find minimum required info of your app. Is it Android 6.0 and higher?
* Also when motion is detected it takes only images instead of a video (automatically), every 2 seconds. That's not fast enough. I've checked some recordings and realized that people can go out of the camera frame in 1 sec. and you can't catch their face.
(I'm using my phone as a security cam in front of my apartment door. When the corridor light is on, recording starts but then people can walk to my door in just 1 or 2 sec. So there is not much time left for the app. to catch the face of the person.)

The app requires Android version 4.1 or newer.
Yes, I note this on the Google Play that this app, contrary to all other similar apps on the Google Play store, records detected motion as a series of still images in very high resolution and not as a low resolution short videos like all other apps. This is intended behaviour - I just wanted to create something a little bit different than all other security apps.
Btw. if you have some problems with your old Android 5.0 phone in camera mode, I would recommend to make a factory reset of that phone first. The factory reset clears everything from the phone so then it will be like a new. But pay attention - the factory reset clears really everything, so be sure to backup all your photos, and other stuff before making the factory reset.

13.08.2021 9:56

Why is no sound transmitted to the monitor during a telephone conversation on the camera! That is, the phone was raised, the sound stopped going to the monitor, the phone was hung up, the sound returned. And add a function to get only the sound without the image. And yet, when the application is minimized, the functions stop working, that is, the recording stops.

I must say that I didn't tested the app with ongoing phone call. Especially, I expect that the camera phone isn't used for phone calls, because it is dedicated to act as a remote camera (without SIM card). I will work on the solution that the recording continues event when the app is minimized.

12.08.2021 14:25

I bought the app to use my phone as a security camera while I'm on vacation. I have been testing the system for two days now and the camera phone (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 plus with lineageOS and rooted) keep going off. I won't be able to use the app as intended. Is there any solution? Previously there was a prompt about an attempt to turn the camera on but I couldn't do it. What can be the problem?

In the current version I am facing a problem when the monitor app sometimes doesn't load the new status from the camera when the monitor phone changes connection from WiFi -> mobile data (not always, but sometimes). Then it helps when you restart the monitor app. I am sorry for this, but the bug is in one of Google libraries I use, so I cannot fix it and I am waiting impatiently for the fix from Google.

12.08.2021 0:23

I would like to switch motion detection from photos to film a video. Can be this done?

Originally, this app wanted to be a little bit different than all other security camera apps on the Google Play, which all record short videos. So I wanted to create something with a different approach and record motions as series of still images in high resolution. But I am already considering to move to videos as well.

10.08.2021 16:33

How can I connect the camera again after I have removed it and deleted?

I am afraid that when the cam is deleted, you cannot connect to it anymore.

10.08.2021 5:02

Why don't you let me access the camera? I see a message "Cannot access ".

This is because the red message "Cannot access the image sensor" (you see only half of the message). When this error message appears, it means that the camera application lost access to the camera sensor. This happen on older camera phones whose electronics is already a little bit "tired". When the app loses access to the camera chip, then it cannot make more pictures and detect motion. Unfortunately, in this situation, only hard restart of the camera phone helps and I am afraid that the error will appear again sooner or later.
Another possibility is that your camera phone is very modern and it has Android version 11. If this is your case, please let me know.

07.08.2021 21:08

I have the paid version of the program and I use my phone as monitor (Xiaomi 10 pro) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A from 2020 for the camera with the latest software. When I turn on the program and it stays on averting works fine. But when it turns of after a while and I wanted to turn it on from my phone I get an error message in the program that he can't access the camera module (not on the back or front).

Your Galaxy Tab A from 2020 that you use as the camera probably uses Android version 11, right? This version increases security requirements and for this reason, the application on the camera phone MUST stay on the display. When you start app on your camera, do not close it, let it stay on the display. The application has own screensaver to save energy. With this approach, your camera should work fine.

06.08.2021 7:45

I experience malfunctioning that appears occasionally. For no apparent reason, the phone enters a sequence in which the image is repeatedly refocused and slightly resized, triggering the motion detection. This may last for some minutes, and then normal operation is restored. It happened with different phones, at different times of the day. All phones were powered. What is it causing this?

For this cases, the application has an option to fix the focus of the camera. Please go to the camera settings - Advanced - Manual focus. Please set up the camera to some discrete focus.

04.08.2021 14:29

On one of the cameras, the image loses clarity. It becomes very light. Help me please.

That issue will be difficult. The application uses automatic exposition provided by the phone, so I am afraid I cannot help you with this issue much. The only thing - would you try to use the opposite camera (switch from back to front camera in the camera settings). Did you try the opposite camera to check if it has the same issue?

03.08.2021 2:04

Detection motion keeps turning off automatically after I turn it on. Why is it doing this? What suggestions can you provide?

This happens when you reach 3000 images (motion detections) per day. When you fire so many motion detections, the camera probably detects false alarms or so... I would recommend to change the settings under "Detection area" - this can be found in the camera settings. The limit resets each day in midnight. I talk about the 3000 images limit here: (see section Limits and quotas). Please note that trees, bushes and shades make motion detection a little bit difficult, but the application has a function "Detection area", where you can exclude areas with disturbing plants and shades from the motion detection.

02.08.2021 9:04

Why can't I connect? It won't let me remotely do anything!

Is your camera online (connected to internet)? You can recognize this status by a green strip on the left side of the camera panel. If the strip is red, then the camera is offline and unreachable for some reason. This may be because the camera lost access to internet or because it doesn't reply to requests. Did you try to remotely start the camera? This can be done from the camera settings.

02.08.2021 2:36

When we install the camera on another phone the app will work good but when we minimize the application does not work

The application should work well even when minimized, except when the camera phone is Android 11 or newer. On Android 11 (and up) the application on the camera phone must stay on the display due to new Android security restrictions. But the app has its own screensaver, so leaving the app on the display shouldn't be a problem. Please check the version of Android in the camera. You can do this also from your monitor phone when you go to the camera settings and choose "About this camera...".

01.08.2021 23:31

I have a problem with a phone used as camera. I enter with the same account of my monitor, the motion detection works well, I can see the preview image in the list of connected devices (3 phones in total) but... when I try to watch the live streaming, the monitor phone remains stuck with the message "Connecting to Camera". How is it possible, since it receives the motion images?

If you cannot connect to any of your three cameras, there will be definitely some problem with the internet connection. Please try to start the life stream when you are on the same WiFi as your camera. This will probably work. Then try to connect to the camera from another WiFi. And then try the same thing from mobile data. Please let me know the results. There is something that blocks the live stream connection somewhere...

01.08.2021 9:20

Why can't I change from the monitor to the camera?

To change between camera and monitor mode, please go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner) and choose Logout... Then log in again and choose camera or monitor mode as you need.

01.08.2021 7:10

Good morning, how do I check what happened last night in that specific hour?

If the motion detection was turned on, you should see the motions in the "motion" screen. If you don't see any images there, the camera didn't catch anything. You can also see detailed event logs from the camera, where you will see the history of what was going on with the camera, if the motion detection was turned off and why etc. You can get the event logs if you go to the camera settings and almost at the bottom there is item "Event logs...".

01.08.2021 6:00

I've been trying to change the scheduler and sensitivity settings, I edit, save and then after a while it resets back to default. Why is this happening? I also can't connect to the camera to see live video but the motion detection capture is working fine.

This problem is definitely caused by some problem with Internet connection. Try start with restarting both the camera and monitor phones and if you can, restart also the WiFi router. This most probably solves both your problems. If not, please let me know.

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