Security Camera CZ

15.08.2019 7:12

Can this application pass data between cellphones via Bluetooth?

Connecting two phones directly via Bluetooth is not possible. The app needs access to background servers (internet cloud) to run properly.

14.08.2019 23:04

Is it possible that my images deleted themselves from this app?

Images of detected motion are by default stored in the app for the last 15 days (at least 30 in the paid version). Older days are deleted automatically.
Second possibility as to why images delete themselves would be that if there is not enough memory in the camera, it frees space by deleting the oldest images.

14.08.2019 22:07

I purchased the Ad-free option, paid until 1st August 2020. Recently, I had to delete the app from my phone and reinstall. The "Buy" section of the menu still shows that it was bought, but I now have ads again. The app was purchased by Gmail account, but the two phones are both using Gmail account. Everything was fine (no ads) until the reinstall. How do I get the premium version back again? Thanks.

I have checked both your accounts and you have the purchase registered on an account named Your second account has no purchase. If you want, I can delete one of your accounts and transfer the purchase. Please let me know which account you are currently using, i.e. where I should transfer the purchase (so you will not see ads).

Both phones are now using the "" account, and the "" is not in use. I still have ads, but I appreciate your efforts to resolve this.

I transferred the purchase from account "" -> "". Please close and open the app and ads will be gone.

14.08.2019 19:23

Both my systems have gone offline again. Red stripe at the bottom left of the screen and no video symbol. Any ideas?

If two systems went offline at the same moment - are those cameras on the same Wi-Fi? Isn't it possible that there is some Wi-Fi/connection issue on the camera's side?

One went off three days ago and one 2 days ago. One is on Wi-Fi and the other is on mobile network.

That is bad, I have no more ideas. I've checked for an error report from your cameras, but no errors. I am afraid they must be restarted manually. Btw, did you consider a TeamViewer or a similar mobile application? Using this app, you can remotely control your phones/cameras from your regular phone. This would be another way how to start anything on your cameras remotely. I know it is not an ideal solution...

14.08.2019 3:38

I cannot log in to the app. Any advice?

If you have a problem with login or creating an account, please try to restart the phone, it almost always helps.

13.08.2019 23:53

Can I use more than one camera?

Yes, you can use as many cameras as you want. Use the same login account on all your devices and you will see them all on your monitor.

13.08.2019 19:29

Tell me how to disable continuous photography. Disabling the motion sensor does not help, it still takes pictures, but it is not known where it saves the photos, because I do not see them.

When you open the application on your monitor, your camera sends you a new image each 15 seconds (this image isn't stored anywhere and it is immediately deleted after a new image comes). When you close the application on your monitor, the camera stops to take new images and falls asleep. So when you have motion detection turned off and the application on your monitor device is closed, the camera doesn't take any images. Of course, you can shut down the camera completely anytime - go to camera's settings and choose Turn off.

13.08.2019 18:07

How to remove the icon from the notification panel?

Removing the icon from the notification panel is unfortunately denied by Google policy. The application MUST signal to the user that it is running in the background. Without the icon the application couldn't be placed in the Google Play Store. Sorry.

13.08.2019 13:30

Please tell me, is my camera working with sound? Will I hear another person?

Yes, camera works with sound so you will hear another person. By pressing the microphone button, you can even speak to that person and he will hear you.
Best regards

13.08.2019 9:54

I still can't connect to the remote cell phone (camera)... Do I have to buy the upgrade to be able to connect?

You do not need an upgrade. Everything should work in the free version. Just remember, you must have the same account on both phones. Please try to change internet connection - from Wi-Fi to mobile or from mobile to Wi-Fi. Please let me know at support email if it helped.

11.08.2019 22:22

I loved the app at first, but now I only rarely get notifications. Where are they going? And the camera turns itself off.

Thank you for your email. At this moment I cannot find any problem, so I'm not able to say why you miss some notifications, but I will keep an eye on this. By the way - in the main settings, you can select Notification - Interval of motion notifications. Don't you have there a long interval?

11.08.2019 14:42

Thanks so much for your application. Of the various possible, I settled on yours.
1) Is it possible to move the enlarged image left, right, up and down. I checked on different phones, but only the increase and decrease of the central part works. Therefore, it is not possible to view the edge of the live stream.
2) If you share a link to the camera, then the partner opens up all the possibilities for controlling the camera, but this would not always be desirable. Simply watching the live broadcast and turning on the sound is all.
Good luck in your work and success :)

Please see answers bellow.
ad 1) Out of center zoom is in fact supported by the app, but only on phones which natively support out-of-center zoom. These phones must implement Camera2 API level FULL or Level3 and only some of these phones support out-of-center zoom. Unfortunately, in my experience, there aren't many phones on the market with such an implementation. So we have to wait a little bit - I believe that the native out-of-center zoom specification will become widely used in the near future. The app is ready.
ad 2) When you share a camera with person A, then the person A can open settings of the camera, but most of the settings is "grayed out" and only read-only. Person A cannot change any global settings of the camera in any way. He can only access images (only for reading, he cannot delete anything) and live video.
Best regards

11.08.2019 9:06

I would like to know if the application restarts automatically after restarting the phone and if there is an option available to set the application to restart automatically when the phone is restarted. Thanks.

Yes, it is exactly as you wrote. When the phone (camera) gets restarted, the application starts automatically. Simply - the application starts automatically after restarting of the phone.

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