Security Camera CZ

31.01.2021 14:43

Is there a way to find out my current password?

The password isn't visible even to me as the system admin. There is no way how to read your current password.
You can try to recover your password on PC on the webpage At least PC is more convenient way for typing again and again. I think there isn't any limit (counter) for "wrong passwords" at this time.

30.01.2021 8:24

I placed my mobile in the holiday home as a camera. Unfortunately, I had to log off from the Security Camera CZ monitor mobile. But now I can't log in anymore because I didn't remember the password. Can you tell me the current password? Normal resetting of the password is problematic because the camera mobile is 2000km away.

You can reset your password if you try to login (on your "monitor" device) and follow the link "Problems with login". Or I can reset the password for the account "" for you. But be aware that when you change the password, the camera, which currently uses the old password, will logout from your account after some time and will stop to work.

28.01.2021 9:09

How can I get all the pictures the camera has recorded?

You can download up to 100 images all at once. To so, mark the images by a long click and hit the "share" icon. You can make a double long click to mark the whole bundle of images. Or you can click on the day title to mark all images of that day.
Marked images can be (for instance) shared to your Google drive for later use.

27.01.2021 3:18

Thank you for your response.
Just have suggestion on saving picture to phone or google. Be really smart app if user want to save on Google but when fail to upload or no internet to automatically save to phone because surveillance camera internet is not always available or spotty. Can you please add this feature?

I think that this feature is already there - when you setup to store images to your Google Drive, the images are first stored to the phone's memory and only if internet connection is available, they are uploaded to Google drive. If the internet isn't available at the moment, images stay at the phone's memory.

25.01.2021 16:18

As you know, the video transmission from the camera is usually very slow due to poor internet speed in different places. Could you give the option of transmitting a black and white video which I presume would require much less data?

Did you try to turn off HD quality? This can be done in the camera settings. In non-HD quality the data stream is much smaller.

24.01.2021 13:32

My camera sometimes stops to be online and falls offline. Will there be some improvement on this issue?

In the last update, there is a new function which advice to keep the camera application running on the display. This prevents the Android operating system from shutting down the application. Did you follow the new instructions and left the camera application running on the display? If yes and the Omega5 camera became unavailable anyway, I would guess there will be some problems with internet connectivity...

23.01.2021 10:33

Can the application be used as a DVR in automatic mode if the camera is turned on and the car starts moving?

This application isn't intended to be used as a car camera, I am sorry. It is not designed for this purpose, so it wouldn't work well. The app is designed as a home security camera, which detects and records movements.

22.01.2021 17:14

Night vision is turned on in the app but everything is dark and I can't see anything. Also when I set torch to turn on when dark it does nothing (again picture is dark).

You can check if your camera switches to night mode or not by checking the camera logs. You can find the logs in the camera settings (the "gear" icon), it is almost the last item "Event logs". Please open the last log and check for lines "Entering night vision mode" and " Leaving night vision mode".
It is possible that the picture is black even when the camera is in night mode, because the scene is so dark that event the night mode doesn't give any reasonable picture.
Please let me know if the camera doesn't switch to the night mode. I would also appreciate if you could send me a screenshot of the camera image.

22.01.2021 4:56

By the way have you planned to build a video recording feature in this app or will you stay just with images only?

I really plan to add video feature, not only because I want to be like other similar apps, but mainly because I plan to support external infra-red cameras, which doesn't make still photos in high resolution. Instead, this night vision infra-red camera behaves like web camera, so only video is supported. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you any fix date when this will be implemented. I hope it will be soon.

21.01.2021 11:38

Since a few days, I encounter the problem that after exiting video, the top left status icon stays in "camera", also, I cannot connect again to the stream in that state. The camera is not shared. I seem to still be able to retrieve logs at the time. Sometimes, after a while, the video icon goes away and I can connect again, sometimes, the camera gets completely irresponsive.
Also, I cannot enable HD video anymore. It's always LD regardless of the extended option.

If the camera stays in the connected state, it is most usually because of some problem in communication (it doesn't receive the "finish" command). I would recommend to restart the camera and also the Wi-Fi router, hopefully it helps.
The HD quality has a limit of 120 minutes (480 minutes in the paid version) per week, after which the quality falls to SD. The limit is reset in midnight between Thursday and Friday.

21.01.2021 9:12

Hi, I am considering to download your app as you have good reviews. At the moment I use free version of Alfred Camera. But I am not too impressed. Do you think your app is genuinely better than Alfred? Also would I be able to monitor my car (which is outside my flat on the street) through a glass window?

It is hard to say if my app is better than Alfred, because Alfred is the biggest player on this field. Also note that this application, contrary to Alfred and all other similar apps on the market, records detected movement as a series of high resolution still images. All other apps record short videos.
Back to you question - my app has all features (zoom, scheduler, HD video etc.) free, Alfred requires the full paid version to get everything.
I think that the best would be if you try it itself. I will be glad if you let me know.

21.01.2021 3:41

I cannot for the life of me get the monitor phone to view either of my camera phones over LTE, even when LTE is way faster than WiFi. The viewing works fine on even very slow Wi-Fi connection, but never on LTE. Is this a limitation of the program?

Please which LTE operator do you use and where are you from? I will check the LTE configuration of that operator. Technically: currently there is a limit for operators that use exclusively IPv6 and doesn't support IPv4 protocols. But until now I met only two such operators worldwide.

17.01.2021 9:37

I have two different tablets set up as cameras at my office in town. I was checking the feed on one and deleting the feed one the camera that sits in my personal office before I looked at the feed on the other camera looking out my front waiting room window at my front door and gate. However, upon going to my second camera to look at that feed I discovered that I had also deleted that cameras feed. I never got to view the front gate feed. Why? Doesn't each camera store its own view feed because otherwise that makes no sense.

It is exactly as you write - each camera is totally independent and stores its own view feed. Besides, each camera has its own encryption keys so I think it is impossible to delete images on two cameras at the same time. It is more likely that your "front waiting room" camera didn't catch anything at all?

16.01.2021 19:35

When my note pad is in sleep mode, the camera does not play on the monitor. This way I will not be able to connect most of the time. Any advice?

The application should work well even when the phone-camera is in sleep mode - the whole app runs on the background, so sleep mode doesn't matter. But in the very next update I add an option which prohibits the sleep mode on the camera, so please wait for the next update. It should be released very soon.

14.01.2021 22:52

I really like your app but am struggling with flaky charging behavior of a Samsung S5. Sometimes, even though continuously on charger, having motion detection on with flashlight depletes the battery. Then, the phone turns off and won't reboot, even after recharging. So I need to physically turn the phone on again.
So, in short, it would be cool if I could stop detection and flashlight automatically when dropping below 5% charge a start again only when above 25%. Great if thresholds were configurable.

At first, I think that there is probably some problem with the charger or, this is also common, with the USB cable, which doesn't let enough energy through. Please try to change the USB cable and/or the charger, I think this could help.
Concerning turning off the motion detection when battery decreases to 5% - I already tried that, but many old phones - when the battery drops to 5% - are already exhausted and turn themselves off anyway. So I would make this change when the batter drops to 10% or 20%, which, on the other side, isn't probably what you want. But I think that the new charger and cable will solve your problems.

14.01.2021 13:03

I would like to have the siren on my monitor phone not on the camera. When the camera detects a motion I only get a notification so if I am not looking on the phone I will not know that there is someone in the house. Is it possible to have the siren on my mobile that I have with me not only a silent notification?

To have a siren on your monitor isn't possible at the moment. But you can setup some especial sound as a notification sound in your monitor-phone settings. This can be done in the phone settings - Apps - Security Camera CZ - Notifications.

13.01.2021 23:56

When I try on my PC to connect to my camera, I am still getting the message "No necessary permissions: Requested device not found".

Do you have any microphone plugged into your PC? If not, you can plug in anything (it doesn't have to be microphone), for instance headphones. Please let me know if it helps (or not).

13.01.2021 11:53

I'm using your application, I’m very happy, however, the date and time of the saved videos and photos does not correspond to reality. How can I set the correct date?

If the time is wrong, please check the date-time and time zone settings on the camera phone (in system settings). I am almost sure the problem will be there.

13.01.2021 4:36

I would like to know how do I change my Yahoo email to my Gmail email account?

I am afraid that changing accounts isn't possible. You have to remove all your cameras and start from the scratch with the new account, I am sorry.

13.01.2021 0:47

Today at about 6pm the motion detector on the camera did not registered any motion. Then I wasn't able to log in or turn on the camera which I left "on" when I left home?

You can check the log from the camera to see what happened and why the camera didn't record any motion. To see the logs, go to the camera settings (the "gear" icon) and almost at the bottom there is an item "Event logs". Open the log from today and check for the events around 6pm to see what happened.

12.01.2021 15:13

How can I view what was recorded?

You can view your recordings when you tap on the middle "images" button (it is between the "video camera" icon and the "gear" icon). You can then swipe images left and right to go through them.
Please note that this application, as noted on the Google play, records motion as a series of still images in high resolution, not as short videos.

11.01.2021 21:26

I have purchased the app and it only works when it is close, otherwise if I move away, the camera of the other device turns off. Is there any solution for this?

Do you have your camera plugged into a charger? Also are you sure that you have a good internet connection on your "monitor" device? Because the camera is shown as "offline" when the monitor cannot reach the camera within a period of 1 minutes. There can be several reasons for this, but the most common is a bad internet connection of the camera or the monitor device. So please check internet connection on both devices, I would recommend to restart them both.

09.01.2021 20:13

I receive a message “can't access an image sensor”. Why do I receive this error?

This error message means that the application in the camera phone lost access to the image sensor on the phone. This sometime happens on older and used phones that are already a little bit "tired" and whose electronics doesn't work on 100% anymore. You can restart the phone to clean this error message, but I am afraid that the error will re-appear again after a while.

09.01.2021 18:55

When I try to connect with camera, the view is only shown for a second or less, and is automatically disconnected. I use the app since today and at the beginning it worked properly, but not now. Is there any way to repair it?

If the live feed disconnects after a few seconds, there will be most probably some problem in the internet connection of the camera or monitor devices. I would recommend to restart both the camera and the monitor device and also the Wi-Fi router, just to be sure. I hope this helps.

09.01.2021 12:12

Dear sirs.
I am viewing the camera rotated 90 degrees. Is there any way to adjust the angle from the viewer?

The application doesn't have button for rotation of images, because the system should automatically rotate the picture to a good position. Until now I have seen two devices where the image wasn't well rotated, and it was always because the camera phone sensor for rotation didn't work properly. Do other applications on the camera device rotates well when you rotate the device?

09.01.2021 8:37

Can't find it on my iPad.

This application is currently available only for Androids. But you can watch your cameras from your iPad via the web page I would recommend to use the Google Chrome browser.

08.01.2021 17:04

I've noticed that occasionally the app shuts down for some reason on the camera. It has happened in my case approximately once a month. When I check the camera there is no obvious reason for it. I suggest you notify the user when this happens so that the camera can be restarted.

I know about this issue - it is caused by the android operating system which occasionally shuts down the background application. When the Android system shuts down the background application, it is without any notice, I cannot detect this action and notify the user.
Currently I make some changes which hopefully avoid this behavior.

08.01.2021 14:00

Hello, is the siren function also available on the monitor side?

No, the siren is only available at the camera side. But you can setup notifications for this application in your monitor phone to play some more intensive sound...

06.01.2021 12:51

Can I turn the camera on and off from the monitor phone? How do I turn off the siren when it starts to sound?

You can turn the camera on/off if you swipe the camera left or right using a finger. Or you can turn it off/on from the camera settings.
The siren sounds as long as you set it up in the camera settings. So if you setup the camera to sound the siren for 30 seconds (for instance), it will sound 30 seconds. It cannot be interrupted; I am sorry :-(

06.01.2021 8:29

It would be great if you add a button to refresh the preview from the camera. I mean, a way to see what's really going in that exact moment without watching the live video. Anyway, the app is amazing. I love it!

The button is currently missing, because the preview from the camera refreshes automatically each 15 seconds or so. In such a situation the button would be more or less useless...

06.01.2021 7:45

I cannot get the (I guess screensaver) to stop turning phone off. This will be used as the camera phone and tablet will be monitor app. I got one that right but my phone keeps going black. Will that affect the camera actions? Will it be ok? Do you know how to undo this annoying setting?

This application in current version doesn't mind if the phone goes sleep (I mean when it locks the screen, so you have to wake it up by the power button). The camera application works event when the phones "sleeps".

05.01.2021 21:57

I’m having a problem seeing what if anything that goes on in my home while I'm away. Most time I can’t change settings?

This is because the camera is offline most of the time (you can recognize this state by a red strip on the left side of the camera preview). To fix it, please check if your camera is plugged into a charger. Then check internet connection, I would recommend to restart the camera and also the Wi-Fi router.

05.01.2021 6:03

I set the resolution to 2Mpx and 16:9 ratios. Are the pictures immediately sent from the camera to the monitor phone by Wi-Fi if I do not enter a Google account in this app?

High resolution images are buffered in the camera phone by default. You can download this hi-res images to your monitor phone when you tap on the "download" icon (while in the preview). Or, you can setup the camera to store high resolution images to your Google Drive (instead of local memory); these images will be then accessible via standard Google services.

04.01.2021 14:44

I encountered a small problem using this app. After 3000+ photos, the application automatically deactivates the object detection. Why?

Originally there was no limit for number of alarms per day. Unfortunately, some users fired even more than 20.000 images per day, which caused that costs of the app increased rapidly. So, just a safeguard against misuse, there is currently threshold of 2.000 images per day after which user is informed that motion detection of his/her camera is not set properly; after 3.000 images per day the motion detection is stopped.

04.01.2021 11:41

I was wondering if it is possible to implement an option that, when turned on, would make it so that the camera starts recording a video clip to local storage upon a movement detection until no movement is detected anymore.
I am suggesting this because most of the time most of the action that is happening IS caught by the motion detection feature, but because the camera only takes photos in 2 second intervals, most of the action gets lost. It happened multiple times already that the security camera detected a movement due to a door being opened, but then catching almost nothing else, due to unfortunate interval timing.
Please consider implementing a feature that would allow something like that. It would really be appreciated :)

Originally I decided to record detected motions as a series of high resolution images, because all other similar apps on the market recorded motions as short videos (exactly what you need) and I wanted to create something a little bit different.
But I will definitely consider your suggestion. This new feature will not be easy to implement, so please give me some time.

04.01.2021 9:29

I need to use one more camera on the same account. I need to add my another mobile as a surveillance camera.

You can freely add another phone as a camera. Just install the app Security Camera CZ on the desired phone, login using the same account as you have used on your monitor device (important!). Then choose Camera mode and you will immediately see your new camera on your monitor!

03.01.2021 18:12

Hi, I use phones as cameras, I have a main phone as a monitor, but other phones are used as cameras, one phone has a Bluetooth speaker connected. When I want to connect directly from the main monitoring to the camera to which the Bluetooth speaker is connected (YouTube, radio no matter what is playing there), at the moment of connection the Bluetooth speaker no longer works in the usual sound, but the volume is set to the maximum volume when you watch someone, when I disconnect from the camera the speaker sounds back to the default sound. Why is it. I would love to take a video and send it to you, but can I send you such a large amount!

The behavior you have described is (currently) intended behavior. The application is designed to work as a two-way speaker: when you connect directly to the camera, you can push a button on your monitor device to talk to the camera side. This is often used by users who watch (for instance) their dogs. When the dog misbehaves, they can talk to him via this function (push to talk). The sound sounds at the camera side from the main camera's speaker. In your case, this is the Bluetooth speaker.

03.01.2021 15:47

How to review the recordings from the live feed?

You should find your camera recording in the standard "Video" folder on your monitor phone. If you cannot find your recording there, try to use another media browser, because sometimes the list of recordings isn't refreshed in some media browsers.

02.01.2021 23:15

How can I pay for more camera time without cutting it and how much does it cost?

Please go to the main menu (three dashes in the top left corner on the main screen) and open the "Buy" menu. You will see the price there; it differs between regions.

01.01.2021 21:52

What to do for the application to work on the mobile network and not only via Wi-Fi?

The application should work well also on mobile networks. If it doesn't, please check if there isn't some kind of firewall or data saving application installed on your phones.
There is a one issue on mobile network, which appears if the mobile operator supports only IPv6 protocol (and not the IPv4 protocol). In this situation, it is not possible to watch live feed, all other functions work even on IPv6.

01.01.2021 6:36

The motion detection keeps shutting off by itself and the scheduler is off, nearby setting is off. I have been using this app for about a year approximately. It is the first time the detect motion button shut off by itself all the time. I tried a reinstall and never helped.

If the motion detection button turns off by itself, it is most probably because you have reached the limit of 3000 images per day. (You should receive a warning about this when the camera reaches 2000 images per day.)

31.12.2020 9:20

How do I turn off motion detector so it stops ringing?

Basically, the motion detection can be stopped from the camera settings, when you click on item "Motion detection".
You can also setup notifications so they ring only (for instance) once per 10 minutes. This can be done in the main settings (three dashes in the top left corner), item Notifications.

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