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22.07.2019 17:33

I am currently testing your application. Where are the pictures of the camera stored? I use the camera for animal watching, and I would like to keep good pictures. Can I zoom in the picture of the camera?

You can store nice pictures (even in high resolution) if you open a preview of that picture (simple click on a picture and preview will open) and then hit a download button - it is a small down-arrow on the bottom left side. The picture will be stored in your Images folder on your monitor device.
By the way: All pictures in low resolution are stored in a private cloud and all pictures in high resolution are stored in the camera. By pressing the download button, you start downloading the high resolution picture from your camera.

21.07.2019 12:31

I have a Galaxy S8. How can I rotate the view on my device?

Is your image flipped or rotated the wrong way? Until now I thought that the app handles all rotations/flips automatically on all devices... so for this reason there is currently no button for manual rotation. Please let me know.

21.07.2019 2:53

Can I get this security camera outside my house to guard the front yard facing my driveway? How can I do this on tablet?

Yes, of course you can put the camera outside your house. Just beware of putting the phone (or tablet) under some shelter - against rain. You can also buy some water-resistant cover. This application works well both in interior and exterior.

20.07.2019 12:34

Every few minutes I get a new motion detection. When I view the image, I see it has been triggered by what appears to be a random overexposure of the image. Do you know why this would happen? Night mode triggered in daylight, perhaps?

Please try to decrease sensitivity and (if possible) exclude areas that produce false alarms.
Also you can use this method: On the screen with motions, open (using tree dots in the right top corner of the screen) Settings - Highlight motion... and choose "Frame with sensitivity exceeded". Using this setting you will see value which means how much was your current sensitivity exceeded by a current motion.
Example: you have a false alarm marked with one red frame with value +2. That means that motion was detected in this area and sensitivity was exceeded by 2. You can go to sensitivity setting of your camera and decrease sensitivity also by 2, so next time only more massive motions will be detected.
I hope this helps - I believe that my app is one of the best on the market concerning resistance to false alarms.

19.07.2019 18:00

Does this security application support also IP cameras with QR code? If so, how to connect one to the system?

Unfortunately, the application only supports communication with cameras that are created from Android phones, i.e. not from standard IP cameras.

13.07.2019 05:43

I get "can't access image sensor" message. So far this is the only best CCTV application I have found.

This message appears when the app in the camera cannot access camera's hardware - for some reason the camera's hardware is blocked. This can happen on some older phones (models) whose hardware is already a little bit "tired". Unfortunately, only hard restart of the​ device helps in this situation.

12.07.2019 15:54

I would like to ask, why my Honor 7 lite (configured as a camera) is disconnecting. It works for about 1-3 hours and then it disconnects. When I start the app again, it works again for no longer than only 1-3 hours.

Thank you for your question. Well, it's hard to say. Normally the app works without problems, but on some phones it behaves strange. Usually there are problems with their camera hardware. On some phones the camera stops to work properly after a while and the app (or even the phone) must be restarted. I'm afraid that you have hit this case.
Do you face the same issue when you switch between front and back camera? If yes, honestly, I am afraid the only solution will be to use another phone as a camera device.

12.07.2019 14:46

How can I get the siren to go off only at designated times?

The siren is turned on only when motion detection is turned on. Do you have another experience? Or do you need another behavior?

09.07.2019 1:14

I do not understand how it works. How can I delete images?

To delete images, just mark them by a long press and then hit the trash button. You can mark multiple images at once. Or you can mark the whole day by a long press on a day header and then simply delete all images of that day at once.

08.07.2019 20:58

How do I change from camera to monitor and vice versa? At first use I choose but what if I'd like to change phone?

To change between camera and monitor simply log out from the app (don't delete your account). You will be taken back to an intro screen. After you log in again, you can choose another mode.
Best regards, Daniel

08.07.2019 14:26

How to connect with another smartphone? Thank you for answering.

Hello, to connect with another smartphone just download the app from Google Play store, install it and log in using the SAME ACCOUNT you have used on other phones. All devices where you use the same account will be interconnected together.
Best regards, Daniel

07.07.2019 14:34

Local time is wrong on the camera; how do I change it or set it to my mobile phone time?

Hi, the app relies on correct system time setting on both devices, camera and monitor. Unfortunately, there isn't in-app setting for time adjustment, it must be done directly on the phone itself.

04.07.2019 6:25

How do I lighten video image when my camera is recording?

Because the exposure of recordings is completely managed by default settings of the phone/camera, I am afraid there isn't an option to lighten the media. The only option is to switch to night mode.

02.07.2019 19:34

Hello, there is some kind of problem with the application... Since I cannot remotely connect and also there is no icon to watch live video... There is only the settings and recordings icon. Beyond that settings do not allow me to turn anything on or off.

This is probably because your camera is currently offline (turned off). You can recognize this status by the red strip on the left side of the main panel. If the strip is red, the camera is offline, if the strip is green, the camera is online. Please try to turn on your camera from settings - this option item is almost at the bottom of the settings.

01.07.2019 13:18

I don't get live video!

When connecting to a camera for a live video, sometimes it is necessary to wait a little bit (let say up to 30 seconds) until the connection is established.
Please let me know if you still cannot connect.

29.06.2019 22:54

How can I add a camera? Can several cameras be monitored on a single screen?

To add a camera simply install the application on another (may be old) phone, log in using the same account and choose camera mode. That is all. You will immediately see your new camera on your monitor phone.
Yes, you can have as many cameras as you want. You will see them all on your monitor device.

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