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05.09.2019 17:18

I really need to recover all of my data from yesterday. I do not know how but somehow they are not in my files.

I have checked your profile and you have about 400 images from today, but none from yesterday. This is most probably because your camera is running on very low memory and there is not much space to store new images. In the case when there is no space for new images, the camera automatically deletes the oldest day to make space. This is what probably happened in your case. The camera wanted to store new images, but did not have room, so it deleted the oldest images, i.e. images from yesterday.
To cover this issue, please add an SD card to your camera. With an average SD card, you will have plenty of room for a long history.

04.09.2019 11:39

I was wondering if you guys could create a shortcut for turning the cameras on and off rather than having to go to into the settings for each camera to turn each one on and off.

Half of your request is already prepared for the release 1.7.0. When a camera is turned off, there is an ON switch immediately available on the main screen. Unfortunately, at this moment, I don't see a place where to put the OFF switch directly on the main screen - there is simply no more space for this button. I plan to solve it by a draggable bottom toolbar - it could be dragged to the left, which would reveal more space for custom icons, for instance the OFF switch.

04.09.2019 09:01

Hello, when I activate the night vision mode, I have nice live video. But no alarm fires, no motions are detected. Is the night vision mode only for live video?

Motion detection should also work in night vision mode. The only thing is that the sensitivity can be a little bit lower than in normal (no night vision) mode. So, to fire an alarm, a bigger movement must happen. You can try to increase the sensitivity a little bit - go to camera settings and look for Sensitivity.

03.09.2019 12:00

Is there a possibility to prevent the recording from turning off after 10, or 30 minutes respectively?

Yes, as of version 1.7.0, a warning will pop up before the end of the recording. If you click on this warning, the recording will continue without turning off.

03.09.2019 09:14

I wanted to use my older phone as a home camera. I found your software. Unfortunately, it seems that it is not working for me. The older Nokia phone has Android 4.3 and the monitoring Huawei phone has Android 6.0. At first, the image refreshed ca. once per minute and the stream did not work at all, now the app is crashing. Are there any limitations or tricks?

There should not be any limitations. In general, I suggest resetting older phones that will serve as a camera to factory settings. There is often a lot of apps left on them that are no longer needed and unnecessarily put strain on the camera.

03.09.2019 07:10

Can this app dial a phone number through GSM when it detects motion, e.g. a person?

Because motion detection can occur many times per hour, that would be a lot of messages and potentially a lot of money - for this reason, this feature was not implemented.

02.09.2019 21:54

When it comes to Camera's settings – Motion detection – Turn off when I am nearby – it would suit me to have detection according to whether the camera and monitor are on the same Wi-Fi (or LAN) router. The camera is not in GPS range (if it works on this principle). It would be useful for me if it was detectable on the monitor’s side before entering the camera zone.

Initially, I was designing the detection of approaching the camera exactly as you suggest, i.e. if the camera and the monitor were connected to the same Wi-Fi, it would mean "I am nearby". Unfortunately, it was not reliable at all – modern phones are extremely energy efficient and often connect to Wi-Fi only when unlocked, until then they "sleep". Currently the app uses the built-in Android "geolocation" feature which serves exactly this purpose – to watch for when the phone enters a zone. Geolocation uses many different resources to obtain position, i.e. not only GPS but also Wi-Fi signal, information from mobile networks, etc., so it should theoretically (probably not as accurately) work even outside GPS signal.

02.09.2019 18:05

Why is it not possible to log in with a Wi-Fi smartphone without a SIM card?

That has to be possible. Please try to physically restart your phone, then it will be possible to log in. I myself use exclusively phones on Wi-Fi without sim cards.

02.09.2019 14:18

I have a technical question. Because I use the app on Android 4.2, which of the older versions are still supported? Would it be possible to use it on e.g. version 2.2? Has anyone tried it and with what experience? I have two similar phones that could be used.

The app can be installed on Android phones from version 4.1 and up, however some features, such as night vision, do not work on them and are fully functional from version 4.4. Lower versions are unfortunately not supported, mainly by Google, who stopped accepting them into Google Play Store.

02.09.2019 12:54

Hello, we have two Wi-Fi cameras in a store, and we would like to watch live stream on a tablet, both cameras at the same time, on a split screen and in the case of absence on the phone. Is your app suitable for this? I have read great reviews.

I am afraid that my app is not suitable for this because it cannot display an image from multiple cameras on one screen (tablet). Furthermore, recording length is limited to 30 minutes for security reasons, then it is necessary to start the video again.

01.09.2019 14:04

The app is great, it has a high level of detection, but it does not always record. We monitor the house and it does not detect all daily entries. Would there be any chance to fix it?

If it is a small movement, you can try to increase the sensitivity of motion detection (go to camera settings and look for "sensitivity").

01.09.2019 8:22

I love this app. We have a lot of fun with it. But the only problem I have is deleting the old stuff that we have viewed. How do I delete days or hours other than having to do it frame by frame?

Thank you for your nice email! On Motions screen you can mark an image by a long press. You can mark as many images as you want and then delete them by pressing the trash button. You can also mark a whole bundle of images by a double-long press on an image. Or, you can mark all images of one whole day by a long press on the day title.

01.09.2019 06:34

I am not able to see camera feeds from my camera on my laptop on the website.

The web access is in development at this moment. Camera feeds will be available with a new update of the application, it should be very soon.
Update: Live view on computers is available starting from version 1.7.0.

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