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10.08.2019 5:53

In the past few days one of the cameras was activated but I did not receive notification of movement, could you help me? Thank you.

If I understand well, you have a picture of the movement, but you did not receive a notification? Notifications are sent as "best effort," which means that the background system does as much as possible to deliver the notification. When delivering is not possible during some period of time, i.e. when the monitor device is out of signal, turned off or so, the notification is not delivered. Is it possible that this was the case?

The equipment was turned off and once it was turned on, it should have reported that it was turned on, however it did not.

Thank you for your reply. Did this happen only once or more than once?

10.08.2019 4:14

Is there any possibility to configure a device as a remote camera?

Yes of course. To configure a device as a camera, simply log out from the app (on the main screen open the menu and hit logout). You will be taken back to welcome screen and after logging in you can choose a camera mode.

10.08.2019 1:59

How do I connect to camera?

All phones, where you install the app and where you log in using the same account (email, Google or Facebook account) will be connected together. Simply: log in to the application using the same account. Then you will see all your cameras on your monitor device.

09.08.2019 6:59

Is it possible to use the phone’s camera as an IP camera with your app?

If you mean connecting to a purchased IP camera, then unfortunately no. This app works independently, on mobile phones where one of the phones acts as a camera and the other as a monitor. Of course, you can have more cameras and monitors.

09.08.2019 4:07

I just started using this app on my old phone which has 512MB RAM and acts as the camera. I suggest that you optimize this app for lower RAM phones since after a few hours using, the app just force stopped. Maybe it's because I turned the screen off? If that's the issue, maybe add a power saving function that dims the screen and "locks" it (like how Alfred does it). Anyways it's a simple and great app, easy to use, I just wish you might want to optimize it to be better. Thank you!

Your phone with 512MB RAM should act well as a camera, memory is sufficient. I checked for errors in the profile of your camera and really there are some. It seems there is some hardware problem - the camera isn't taking images regularly, instead it is skipping some. Please is it possible to restart the phone? Also, factory reset can sometimes heal old devices.
I hope you will solve this problem, in any case, I am always at for consultations.

08.08.2019 18:16

I installed the application today and it worked correctly on two phones. But when I left home and not being connected to the Wi-Fi network, connecting to my camera has stopped working. Is there any possibility of solving the problem from outside the home? Thank you.

If I understand well, you left a Wi-Fi signal with your monitor device and now you are facing some issue? If you have any problem with your monitor device, you can always reinstall it, log in with your account and everything will be back, you will not lose any data. I hope I understood well, if not, please let me know. Best regards.

08.08.2019 8:41

What is the info box and where is the video recorded? Thanks.

This box shows basic info about the video. When you record a video, it is saved in your standard Video folder on your monitor device. Also, when you run your favorite video player, it will find those recordings for you automatically.
Best regards

08.08.2019 7:59

Why can I only buy the app for a year?

Because we want to be honest. In a real world, there is nothing like a free service - everything costs something. So does this app. It uses servers in the background, disc space, network traffic. All of this is paid by watching ads, or, if you don't like ads, by payments. If we want to provide you one-time payment that removes ads forever, in reality we would have to estimate how long you will stay with the app (let's say 5 years) and calculate the payment for 5 years ahead. We don't want this. We think it is better to let YOU decide for how long you want to use the app and pay only for what you use. Not more.

08.08.2019 4:27

1. Why does my camera turns on by itself while in off state?
2. Why does the video recoded when available only last seconds?
3. Or states "cannot play video, this file type is not supported"?
4. Why does the video connection only last minutes if not seconds?
5. Or, when connected, the screen is black with audio only?
6. Or, why I am not able to connect regularly and the app is stating "Oops, problem connecting "?
7. At times when I am watching the monitor I notice as if someone else is watching by statement "(my name) is watching the video, please wait for him to disconnect"?

From all symptoms you have described in your email it seems to me that there must be some connectivity issue on your camera or monitor. Do you have good signal on both your devices? If yes, then I guess your camera device can have some hardware problem. Because normally on a healthy device with a good connection you will not face any of the issues you have described. So advice is - check connectivity and if it is good, please try another device as a camera.

07.08.2019 8:04

Why can't I watch this camera over my data connection when I'm away from my home Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, simple answer - I don't know. The app normally works on both Wi-Fi and mobile networks. In fact, it does not care about the type of connection, it simply needs any internet to work. But yes, I've heard from several people from Poland who had problems with the app while on mobile connection (all of them were on the same mobile operator). Sorry for the silly question - did you try several times? Sometimes the connection can fail. Or is it possible that you have some mobile firewall turned on (on your cell phone)?
I am sorry I cannot give you a better answer. Please let me know if you figure out something.

It's working! APNs were not set

06.08.2019 10:32

I have two cameras at home but one keeps disconnecting. Any ideas as to why this is happening please?

I am afraid that there hasn't changed anything in the app since last several months, so there must be some issue on the device itself. Did you try to restart the phone? That usually heals most problems.

I tried that. Even factory reset the phone but no joy.

Do you face the same issue when you turn off HD quality of the video? This can be done from camera's settings.

I actually think you've solved it!! HUUGGGEEEEE thank you!

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